Wisp Minecraft, Real Name, Age, Net Worth, Biography

Wisp Minecraft, Real Name, Age, Net Worth, Biography


Wisp is a Minecraft YouTuber from England. His first name is Kit. He was born on 21 July 1999 in England. He is 23 years old (as of 2022). K Kit is an Ultra Hardcore player who competes on Minecraft servers such as Hypixel, FluxPvP, Glade, and his own UHCArcade/MCArcade (In which he no longer owns). Even though he used to play on Hypixel, he no longer does so owing to the hackers. Despite doing a facial reveal, Kit somehow doesn’t reveal any private information. In the video “Minecraft but every item is random… (wisp face reveal),” he did his face reveal, The kit also appeared at events including Minecraft Monday and Saturday, as well as SMP Earth.

He was paired with Technoblade in Minecraft Monday week 14’s challenge. Wisp also has a Twitch channel. He is not PG on Twitch, even his YouTube account. He frequently creates polls on his Twitch channel, such as the one for his hair. Pink, bald, a different color, or leave it alone. He’s worked with several UHC players, including Speedsilver, Scottish, and others. He is currently competing with TimeDeo as well as other buddies in challenges, He has a YouTube channel with more than 4.52 million subscribers, He started his YouTube channel on 30 May 2015. The first video was uploaded on 4 July 2015. The most viewed video on his YouTube channel titled “Minecraft but villagers trade OP items” that video got more than 23 million views.

Name: kit
Date of birth: 21 July 1999
Birthplace: England
Age: 23 as of 2022

Wisp Biography, Wiki

Real NameKit
Age23 (as of 2022)
Birthday21 July 1999
Famous forGaming videos
Net WorthN/A

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