Memeulous Face Reveal, Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Biography

Memeulous Face Reveal, Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Biography

Memeulous Face Reveal, Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Biography


Memeulous is an English YouTuber who is known for his comedic commentary and let’s play videos. When asked why he titled his channel “Memeulous,” he explained that he came up with the name by combining the words “meme” and “fantastic,” but he admitted that he had planned to call it “Memetastic” but it had already been taken. His real name is George he was born on 10 July 1998 in England. He is 24 years old (as of 2022).
He’s well famous for his Club Penguin videos, inside which he frequently plays Club Penguin with fellow YouTuber Joshy while offering commentary. Meticulous has also published other movies with different games that follow a similar structure. He gained 4.48 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel

He and colleague YouTuber ImAllexx share an apartment in London. They were evicted from their home between February 18 and 24, 2019 owing to a noise disagreement with neighbors (which was detailed in ImAllexx’s “Internet Sensation” Podcast). One of their neighbors is seen knocking on their door and complaining at the end of ImAllexx’s video “The Strangest Fitness Influencer,” which was uploaded on February 6, 2019. They were evicted as a result of this incident. Memeulous and ImAllexx collaborate frequently, usually in response to videos. And including Alex, James Marriott, and WillNE, he was a member of the Eboys.

George was well-known for his MLG parodies, and that he used to launch his YouTube channel. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Memes, two of his earliest videos, were hugely popular. Both garnered over 2,300 upvotes on Reddit in less than six months. He continued to release montage parodies intermingled with gaming videos for the next ten months but has since moved away from that, focusing on commentary-style videos.

He does indeed have a monthly series called Last Month This Happened (LMTH), wherein he discusses significant or fascinating events that occurred on YouTube or the internet in the previous month. This was lifted from WillNE’s successful series This Week On The Internet (TWOTI), during which he wraps up the previous week’s events on the internet. On both channels, this is frequently treated as a joke. WillNE, ImAllexx, James Marriott, Joshy, and JackSucksAtLife are among the YouTubers with whom he frequently collaborates. Memeulous also hosts a show where he provides money to strangers in exchange for humorous favors. Memeulous revealed his bank information and email address in a video with his friend WillNE, causing the video to be re-uploaded owing to an “editing mistake” he made.

Memeulous Biography, Wiki

Real NameGeorge
Age24 (as of 2022)
Birthday10 July 1998
Famous forComedic commentary and let’s play videos
Net WorthN/A

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