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Nakey Jakey

Nakey Jakey is a popular American YouTuber and Musician. His real name is Jacob Matthew Christensen, and he was born on 28, December 1994. He lives in New York City, New York. He is best known for sitting on a grey exercise ball in front of a green screen and talking about his fondness for the video games he grew up with. He has a YouTube channel with more than 1.74 million subscribers and more than 154 million total views. He started his YouTube channel in November 2015, and he uploaded his first video on YouTube in November 2015. His most popular video on YouTube titled “Rockstar’s game design is outdated” that video got more than 9 million views. 

Games that should be played 

The first series to appear on the NakeJakey YouTube channel is Bang. 

Jacob analyses the major characteristics of two distinct games in this series and imagines the masterpiece that could be created if these aspects were combined to create a near-perfect new game. 

Jakey proposes a game that combines the principles and gameplay of Grand Theft Auto V and Metal Gear Solid V in the first video of this series.

In If Movies Were Games, Jakey discusses how most video games based on movies (and vice versa) have a lot of untapped potentials. As an example, he discusses a film with a compelling storyline and uses this to seed an idea for a video game with very creative mechanics by observing the smaller details in the films.

Rap Evaluations

Jakey raps his thoughts on a current game or gaming event in this series. This series currently has 11 episodes, with the most recent one being released on January 29th, 2017.

Jakey’s upcoming debut album, Dead Friends, is a collection of singles released since 2016. Six of the thirteen tracks have been made public.

Track List


She’s All That (Unreleased)

Trailer Court (Unreleased)

Cold Hands (Unreleased)

Tom Hanks (Unreleased)

Moby Dick

Reeboks or the Nikes (Unreleased)

Redemption (Unreleased)


South Dakota

Please Insert Disc 2 (Unreleased)


Not Dead Yet

Jakey has been dubbed “The Next Joji” after George “Joji” Miller, who abandoned his popular YouTube channel TVFilthyFrank to pursue a musical career. This is most likely due to the Hip-Hop/R&B influences in their music, as well as the fact that they both have enormous YouTube followings.

Nakey Jakey age 26 (in 2021)

Nakey Jakey Biography / Wiki

Real Name Jacob Matthew Christensen
Gender Male
Age 26 (in 2021)
Birthday 28, December 1994
Nationality American
Profession YouTuber
Famous for Gaming and Content videos
Net Worth N/A
Qualification N/A
Hobbies Gaming

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