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Idubbbz is an American popular YouTuber. His real name is Ian Carter and he was born on 27 July 1990. He lives in San Antonio, Texas, United States. He has a YouTube channel with more than 3.03 million subscribers and more than 262 million total views. He started his YouTube channel in April 2015, and he uploaded his first video on YouTube in July 2015. His most popular video on YouTube titled “Asia Jake Paul (feat Bayin bard) DISS TRACK” That video got more than 85 million views. 

iDubbbz has been a YouTuber since 2012, and his videos are notorious for courting controversy by criticizing other channels. He began by uploading gaming videos and later became well-known for his Gaming News Crap series. iDubbz TV is best known for Bad Unboxing, Kickstarter Crap, and Content Cop, albeit some of the videos are no longer on his channels. His Content Cop series highlights and critiques YouTube content in each episode. This has received positive feedback from critics and YouTube stars such as Philip DeFranco, who previously said, “No one does hit-pieces better than Ian.”

Nonetheless, the creators under investigation lose a considerable amount of followers or subscribers, which makes the Content Cop programs seem horrible. RiceGum, Keemstar, Tana Mongeau, LeafyIsHere, Toy Channels, and Techrax are among the media celebrities who have been investigated by Content Cop. His affiliation with these “enemy” networks did not go unnoticed, and he was met with reprisal. iDubbbz chastised fellow YouTuber Jinx Reload in his debut Content Cop, released in 2015, for not upgrading the visual quality of his original videos beyond 720p. He claimed that he [Jinx Reload] needed to do this so that he could upload more regularly.

The cancer allegation started after FilthyFrank, a retired YouTube personality, shaved his head and donated his hair to a Hair Cake in a video collaboration with iDubbbz. Ian Carter, on the other hand, does not appear to be suffering from cancer

iDubbbz Age 31 (in 2021)

iDubbbzTV Biography / Wiki

Real Name Ian Carter
Gender Male
Age 31 (in 2021)
Birthday 27 July 1990
Nationality American
Profession YouTuber
Famous for Vlog, Gaming News Crap series
Net Worth N/A
Qualification N/A
Hobbies N/A

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