PurpleShep Minecraft, Real Name, Age, Face Reveal, Biography

PurpleShep Minecraft, Real Name, Age, Face Reveal, Biography


PurpleShep is a Canadian YouTube gamer. He has 646k subscribers, He is known for his Minecraft content. ExplodingTNT invented a fictional YouTube character called ExplodingTNT. Pink Sheep and the Enderdragon are his parents. When the dragon egg was transported onto Pink Sheep, a hybrid of Pink Sheep and the Ender Dragon was born.

Character Biography

PurpleShep was born when Pink Sheep fertilized an EnderDragon egg.
PurpleShep was born a few days after the egg hatched. Purple Shep participated in many of ExplodingTNT’s videos, and ExplodingTNT persuaded him to make his own. Purple Shep is a hybrid creature with the physical appearance of a sheep and the blood of a dragon.
This could also explain why his wool was purple at birth, and his face was deformed.

Character appearance

PurpleShep is a purple sheep with a face that is severely damaged. He does, however, keep his father’s mustache and speaks in the “WillfromAfar” voice, which may be imitated with a variety of text-to-speech tools. He appears to be unable to utilize his father’s or mother’s skills.

PurpleShep Biography, Wiki

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