Pinksheep Real Name, Minecraft, Face Reveal, Wiki, Biography

Pinksheep Real Name, Minecraft, Face Reveal, Wiki, Biography


Pinksheep is a famous Twitch star and YouTuber. Pinksheep is a fictitious character inside the sandbox/RPG game Minecraft created by ExplodingTNT. He is perhaps ExplodingTNT’s most popular character, so he has his channel after appearing in several of TNT’s videos. Now he has 1.55 million subscribers. He lives in Toronto, Ontoto, Canada.

Pink Sheep launched his own YouTube account on March 22, 2016. He plays a limited number of games, the most of which being Minecraft and Roblox, however, he may occasionally accept game suggestions from his fans and play alternative games. His channel had officially reached its pinnacle about a month after its introduction. In just a few months, his total subscribers and fame skyrocketed. In less than a year, he had surpassed 1 million subscribers, putting him one of the fastest-growing YouTubers of 2016, However, his popularity and growth rate have just reached a snag, as his channel now appears to be struggling to get subscribers, and his trendiness is beginning to wane.

Pink Sheep is a generic sheep with pink wool and a black mustache that is stereotyped, His most valued item is his “magnificently well-trimmed mustache,” which he is always proud of and regularly brags about to others, He claims a tattoo branded “#PGN,” which stands for Pink Sheep Nation, written in black ink, is hidden behind his thick, fluffy fleece, which has been verified to be genuine in a previous video in which Pink Sheep’s wool was sheared momentarily and the tattoo was shown. He is occasionally spotted sporting the famous MLG “Deal-With-It” sunglasses, often after making a witty remark.

Pinksheep Biography, Wiki

Real NameN/A
ProfessionTwitch star and YouTuber
Famous forGaming videos
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