NICKMERCS Age, Family, Net Worth, Wiki, Biography

NICKMERCS Age, Family, Net Worth, Wiki, Biography


NICKMERCS is an American eSport player, Bodybuilder, YouTuber, and Twitch star known for his Fortnite gameplay on the console. His real name is Nick Kolcheff, and he was born on 21 November 1990 in the United States. He is 32 years old (as of 2022). He has a YouTube channel with more than 4.04 million subscribers. He started his YouTube channel on 5 December 2011 and uploaded the first video on 3 September 2015. The most viewed video on his YouTube channel titled “His Mom got on the Mic” that video got more than 9.4 million views. He has a Twitch account with more than 6 million views. Nick was famous for setting a Fortnite World Record for the most squad kills in a single game, He and his team had 54 and 55 kills, respectively, but the 54 kills were not counted even though they did not win the match, while those that also do win the game with 55 kills fairly soon after. With 59 kills, xPolitics, MannyinCali, TozSlays, and JuicyMutt broke the record.

Nick also holds the record for the most kills by a duo, which includes him and another player. They both had 23, for a total of 46, in almost the same month he set the Squad record. Nick has also participated in Fortnite tournaments such as Friday Fortnite, which is hosted by DramaAlert’s Keemstar, and Fortnite Summer Skirmish. Nick is a current member of FaZe and was previously a part of 100 Thieves.

Nick began by uploading Outlast videos to Twitch. He would have done stream highlights of it (some of which Nick had deleted), and then he had done console Call of Duty content. He worked on a variety of Call of Duty games, including Ghosts, Modern Warfare Remastered, and WWII. He also played Uno and Monopoly online on occasion. Before Fortnite’s release, he switched to Destiny whereas playing WWII. He had been struggling to gain more recognition in the gaming community there till he set the World Record for most squad kills in Fortnite. Since the game’s release, he has been playing Fortnite every day. Before leaving on May 24, 2019, Nick was a member of 100 Thieves since 2016. Nick joined the club six days later he became a member of Faze.

NICKMERCS Biography, Wiki

Real NameNick Kolcheff
Age32 as of 2022
Birthday21 November 1990
ProfessioneSport player, Bodybuilder, YouTuber, and Twitch star
Famous forFortnite gameplay on the console
Net WorthN/A

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