MR FOAMER SIMPSON Net Worth, Real Name, Age, Biography

MR FOAMER SIMPSON Net Worth, Real Name, Age, Biography


MR FOAMER SIMPSON is an American social media star, He makes sneakers review videos. He has a YouTube channel with more than 647k subscribers. His real name is Mike Simpson, and he lived in New York City. He started his YouTube channel on 17 October 2011 and he uploaded the first video on his YouTube channel on 21 January 2012. The most viewed video on his YouTube channel titled “Searching for limited sneakers at Ross” that video got more than 883k views. Also, he is famous on Instagram, he has 147k followers. He posts his sneakers content also on Instagram. Even though his family didn’t seem to have a lot of money but could not obtain sneakers when he was younger, he adored them. He had to relocate several times due to financial difficulties in his family. He once claimed that he’d have to live in a trailer in New Jersey while his parents slept in a tent outside. Fortunately, his parents were able to get the money to return to the same New York neighborhood, allowing him to keep in touch with his friends.

Simpson devoted time and energy to his first love, basketball, as soon as he returned to his old neighborhood. Simpson developed into a fantastic basketball player, to the point where he stayed in New York to play while his mother, brothers, and sisters relocated to Florida. Simpson was able to get enough financial aid and athletic scholarships as he improved so that he could play at a junior college in Kansas. While he admitted that being in the middle of nowhere was a pain, he did enjoy being able to compete in one of the toughest JUCO conferences in the country. Simson even claimed that his team won first place in the conference his second year.

He gained weight could not participate in any physical activity, on top of never being able to play basketball. His younger brother Young Bucketz, on the other hand, recommended that they begin a YouTube channel at this time. Before that, Simpson had never heard of Youtube, but when Bucketz told him that people reviewed sneakers, he said, “Why not?”. Simpson and his brother Young Bucketz have been invited to many events as a result of their successful Youtube careers. Including being invited to Michael Jordan’s house to play in the newest Jordan basketball shoe at the time, and just being ready to play basketball with NBA Superstar Stephen Curry to check out his new basketball shoe with Under Armour. He also has an official website, which we will post additional features from his travels as well as sneaker reviews, in addition to his YouTube channel.


Real NameMike Simpson
Famous forSneakers review videos
Net WorthN/A

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