Maria Ferrer Net Worth, Age, Family, Birthday, Nationality, Biography

“The voice has magical power!” The real magic happens when the voice is heard.” For the past 13 years, Maria Ferrer has been working with singers and vocalists of different ages and abilities. Her independent goal to start a tutoring company like Queen Vision Entertainment, based in Los Angeles, began in 2009.

Maria has been working hard to educate vocalists while also raising a son on her own since then. Her unwavering commitment to personal growth and skill development significantly aids music lovers in realizing their full potential, expanding their vocal range, and increasing their vocal power. Maria was exposed to a variety of cultures and social groups as a result of her parent’s military employment, which required her to live in numerous countries.

Maria’s Filipino ancestry has blended with the influences of Okinawa, Japan, and Las Vegas, Nevada, to name a few places she’s been. Maria’s love of music is a mixed bag. R&B, hip hop, and old-school music are just a few of the genres from which she draws influence.

Her TikTok channel has become a favorite among 90s kids who adore reminiscing about the decade. Maria blends well-known old school, rap, and hip hop music with funny comments about events in the 1990s.

Joshua, her kid, also appears in TikTok videos, partnering with his mother on the amusing clips. Queen Maria has a strong social media presence, which allows her to reach out to more artists and those in need. Her compassionate, motherly approach to individuals seeking coaching is one-of-a-kind and greatly appreciated.

Not only is she a media influencer with over 160K Instagram followers, but her podcast, The 90s Homegirl Podcast, is gaining popularity among music enthusiasts circles and groups on social media.

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