What is A Crypto Market Cap | Market Capitalization

What is A Crypto Market Cap | Market Capitalization

In this article, We’ll check into how the market cap works and how you can use it. 

The Cryptocurrency market cap also, known as the crypto market cap, is the measure to get the exact value of a cryptocurrency. 

How To Calculate Cryptocurrency Market Cap

The formula of calculating Market Cap is 

Market cap = total circulating supply price of each coin. 

Take a look at an example.

When “A Coin” had 300,000 coins into flow, per value $2, so market capitalization of “A Coin” is $300,000*2 = $600,000.

Moreover, suppose “B Coin” gets priced at $4 ,and there are 50,000 of them in flow, and its market valuation is 50,000*4 = $200,000.

As such, though if B Coin’s particular cost is more than With a Coin’s, A Coin’s aggregate value is much higher than B Coin’s. And that is why the market capitalization is a firm is a mighty measure of its value than the cost of its particular tokens.

Large Cap, Mid Cap, Small Cap

Cryptocurrency’s mainly categorized into three types, large-cap, mid-Cap, and small-Cap. 


Large-cap cryptocurrencies have a massive market cap, making them secure investments. Large-cap firms are those having market capitalization of greater than $10 billion. According to that calculation, even Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum qualify as large-cap cryptos at this writing.


Mid-size cryptocurrencies have such a lower market cap over large-cap cryptocurrencies, but they pose a greater risk, and Mid-cap cryptos have a market cap of between $1 billion and $10 billion.


Since the odds of loss are substantially higher, small-cap cryptocurrencies always had the shortest market cap also the hugest risk. Small-cap companies have a market capitalization of less than 1 billion.

Risks and Benefits

Large Cap

If people opt to invest in large-cap crypto, your investment is unlikely to gain significantly. It will be considered a “safe” investment with lower volatility. So, though you might not have been generating any significant gains, your investment still might show a few minor growths.

Mid Cap

It is essential to mention that cryptocurrencies are far riskier than regular stocks. As a result, large-cap cryptos might even have massive potential for growth than large-cap stocks.


Mid-cap cryptos also have a smaller market capitalization than large-cap cryptos. They have as much higher potential to grow than large caps, which means they’re riskier. They might have been in the process of expanding their market or usage, which explains why they have some more growth opportunities. As a result, they aren’t even close to fully participating.

Those cryptos are vulnerable to market wants due to the relatively low market capitalization. To put it differently, you could see your investments in someone plummet to zero inside an instant.

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