Demon Slayer Season 3 Release Date Event Confirmed

Demon Slayer Season 3 Release Date Event Confirmed

Demon Slayer Season 3 Release Date Event Confirmed

Demon slayer season 3 with the swordsmith village arc is coming real soon, and we’ve got more.

Demon slayer is currently the most profitable anime in the world. It’s been like that for a few years, so we would think that with season three on the horizon they would be bringing that to the anime expo, and then we told you when the anime expo was gone happen and what we could expect with that. But a few days later as of today, we know it is confirmed it is 100 percent confirmed that demon slayer will have an appearance at the anime expo. And at the anime expo, we already mentioned, that what’s t they do is premiere a lot of content, the premiere trailers, premiere animated episodes, and premiere other content when it comes to specific anime. So that does get exciting when it comes to demon slayer.

Now we don’t think they are going to show all of the first episode of demon slayer season 3 or the swordsmith village arc at the anime expo. But they are going to reveal something for the demon slayer. They are making this event sound bigger when it comes to the title. So this year is the demon slayer anime’s third anniversary, and several months ago we had the demon slayer anniversary celebrations.

We had two specific events they celebrated during the first two arcs of the second season of the Anime, and we all kind of found it a little strange. That they didn’t show anything for the next arc named The Swordsmith Village Arc which is the one going to be the third season of the Anime, we only saw stuff from Mugen Train and the entertainment district we found that very strange because of a year before that.

We had a special event for demon Slayer, and of course, they showed stuff from the previous season but they also showed off stuff for Mugen train. But we were like you know this isn’t going to be the only anniversary event there was a second-anniversary event. but honestly, it felt a little weird that they would show a release date at that event because that was just an exhibition. But we were seeing stuff when it comes to the next arc in the previous year. Like when it came to the entertainment district arc and things like that. But we only saw this year’s old stuff, not new stuff so we were all confused. but right now it makes sense what they’re doing is they’re extending the anniversary celebration. So apparently it’s not just two events, but there’s a third.

Now I don’t know if this was always the plan but they’re doing a third event. They’re calling it the third-anniversary celebration it’s called Demon Slayer third-anniversary celebration it’s not just me saying it that’s the word for word what this event is called, and their description is Annie plex of America is proud to present the third-anniversary celebration of Demon Slayer. Featuring special guest Natsuki hane playing Tanjiro Kamado and producer Yuma Takahashi. So you have the producer of the anime series and the main actor playing the main character of the series, so they’re going to show the release date that’s not that’s don’t like if they don’t show the release date, of the course that’s certainly possible. But I’m pretty sure we’re going to see the release date at this event it doesn’t make any sense.

They’re going to have a fourth celebration event what exactly would a fourth celebration event, be the only thing that we can think of after this would jump, Festa. This is the last month of the year that happens literally at the very end, and it doesn’t even take up 2022. Even though it’s going to happen in 2022, It would become jump Festa 2023. Because last year we had jump fest 2022 for some reason. They always have the next year as the number for jump Festa events so if they’re going to do an anniversary celebration of the third anniversary of demon slayers Anime. It doesn’t make any sense for it to be in something that would be called 2023. When the anniversary of demon slayer is 2022.

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