Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 3 Release Date Reveal Event Announced

Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 3 Release Date Reveal Event Announced

So we’ve got the biggest piece of news when it comes to Attack on Titans season 4 part 3. So this is like very major news for when we’re going to know when this is coming out when we’re going to see stuff for this like trailers pieces of art things like that. Everything when it comes to this season everything that has to do with this season. Like this is the biggest piece of news that we’ve got for when we’re all going to see that so, all that right now.

Okay guys a two-part major event is coming to us for the Attack on Titan. It’s going to be held in Tokyo. Of course but you know that doesn’t stop the internet from accessing things worldwide. You know it is 2022 right now we do have the technology. But with that said Crunchyroll has just put out a new article on this and they say and I quote attack on titan is still lying dormant.

After an intense Anime a season earlier this year and the announcement of another for 2023. But the franchise will be roaring to life once more before the year is done with the newly announced Attack on Titan final season special event 2022. Which was just revealed alongside new blu-ray details. all right guys we’re gonna send the quote right. There it does say that they had a season earlier this year and the announcement of another for 2023.

However, that’s not true I know I’m kind of like going against Crunchyroll right now. But it’s the same season so we had the attack on titan season four part one part two part three. I honestly think that studio Mapa would have called it like season four five and six or at least season four and season five. but after wit studio finished season three they had announced that the next season would be the final season.

So studio Mapa was kind of left kind of like forcing themselves to be like okay. I guess all these episodes are part of the same season. We’ll just release it in parts even though they’re actually multiple seasons we’ll call it the same the season just calls it parts. You know we’ll just do that so yeah it’s all the same season, not a new season but anyway Crunchyroll goes on to say and I quote buyers of part two’s first blu-ray slash DVD set, which releases on July 20th in Japan.

Will receive priority access to top Purchasing tickets for the event’s first part. A 68-page special booklet with staff interviews storyboards. A stunning jacket illustration was drawn by character designer Tomohiro Kishi pictured below. Alright, guys end quote on that there’s more information from that article which we will get into. But I just want to point out like this is a major event. This event has things like it say in this article, that it’s going to feature a squadron of voice actors.

That’s literally how they pronounce it a squadron of voice actors the voice actors for Eran, Mikasa, Armin, john, Connie, hanji, and gabi. You have like a lot of the main cast there we’ve got this brand new art visual for the attack on titan season 4. Which looks nice and simple but also not simply because the art is like inside his jacket. It’s nice but it’s like when it comes to this is called the attack on titan final season special event 2022.

The only time that people ever do things like this is usually to announce something big. And because we’ve never had this before it’s not like my hero academia where they have a dedicated event, called heroes fest every single year attack on titan does not have this every single year they did have an event last year which did show off some art pieces and stuff for the attack on titan.

However this year it’s a major event because this wasn’t announced previous to this this is like brand new when it comes to announcements. we were expecting them to come out and say oh yeah we’re having a major event for the attack on time. We weren’t expecting that but it’s pretty obvious that when it comes to this, if we don’t get a trailer before this it’s going to be literally at this event. and they go on to say that the attack on titan and I quote the attack on titan final season special event 2022 kicks off on November 13th at Tokyo’s tacha kiwa staged a garden with an orchestra concert starring composer Kota Yamamoto and both ending theme performers yuko Ando and I Higuchi.

We end quote alright this is a major event although of course when it came to the demon slayer event that happened. We didn’t get a release date information we just got stuff on previous arcs. However they literally just announced a third major event which they’re kind of putting together. As just a three-parter event how the past two events were just the first two parts of this event. They kind of spread it out throughout the year that’s their excuse. For it but we’re only having this one event for the attack on titan before the year ends and it’s clear to see the release date will be revealed at this event.

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