Who is ‘Scammer Payback’ YouTuber, Real Name, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Place, Biography

'Scammer Payback' YouTuber

‘Scammer Payback’ is a popular American YouTuber who makes scam baiting content on YouTube. He is also known as Pierogi, and he has a YouTube channel with more than 1.24 million subscribers and more than 103 million total views. He started his YouTube channel in May 2019. His most popular video on YouTube is titled “Scammer begs for his deleted files as” that video got more than 12 million views. 

Pierogi uses his cybersecurity expertise to combat a range of scams, including Social Security, Amazon, Roku, and Microsoft, to name a few. He puts an end to illicit activity by confronting scammers head-on. He annoys them by stalling them, wasting their time, deleting their data, and generally perplexing them. He’s so skilled at what he does that he’s even managed to persuade contact center workers to look for honest work. He is motivated by a desire to protect the weak. When a chance presents itself, he calls victims directly to inform them that they have been duped. He’ll give them advice on what they should do next to limit the harm inflicted by this heinous crime. He does not disclose his real name, his age, and where he lives, that kind of thing.

‘Scammer Payback’ YouTuber Biography / Wiki

Real Name N/A
Gender Male
Age N/A
Birthday N/A
Nationality American
Profession YouTuber
Famous for Scammer Payback videos
Net Worth N/A
Qualification N/A
Hobbies N/A

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