Who is LT.LICKME Face Reveal, Real Name, Age, Birthday, Biography

LT.LICKME Face Reveal

LT.LICKME is a Canadian YouTuber. He was born on 20 March 1996. On games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto V, he is best known for his prank videos on people like clowns. On his channel, he also makes anonymous trolling videos, which are very popular on his channel.  He started making montage films for Black Ops II on YouTube around 2013. He trolls only those who have done wrong, unlike most trolls who troll for personal gain. Bully others, beat up on their women, and so on. In one of his most well-known films, he impersonates someone from Anonymous and gives the victim their address and other personal information to convince them to do whatever he wants.

He has a YouTube channel with more than 3.7 million subscribers and more than 313 million total views. He started his YouTube channel in June 2013. on the PS3 with Black Ops II montage videos He wasn’t well-known for his content at first. He eventually published a video called ‘Stalker trolling,’ in which he pretends to be a Stalker to anyone he is conversing with. The popularity of his videos skyrocketed after that. After a few months, he began uploading films to his victims in which he pretended to be Anonymous. These videos received a lot of attention. At first, he did it for his gain, as do most people. He eventually began to troll people who had done something bad. Later, he added more trolling to his repertoires, such as the ‘Missed Call Troll,’ which can be funny or serious, and the ‘Mr. Steal Your Girl Troll,’ in which he pretends to call someone’s girlfriend. People who abuse their girlfriends are more likely to experience this. His most popular video on YouTube got more than 21 million views. 

LT.LICKME Age 25 (in 2021)

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LT.LICKME Biography / Wiki

Real Name N/A
Gender Male
Age 25 (in 2021)
Birthday 20 March 1996
Nationality Canadian
Profession N/A
Famous for Prank game videos
Net Worth N/A
Qualification N/A
Hobbies N/A

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