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Faze Jev

Faze Jev is a popular YouTuber in America. His real name is Jason Eugen and he was born on 18, October 1993. He has a YouTube channel with more than 4.8 million subscribers and more than 1 billion total views. He started his YouTube channel in October 2009 and he uploaded his first video on YouTube in January 2012. He is a member of the FaZe Clan and an American YouTube gamer most known for sniping in the renowned Call Of Duty game series. 

His humor videos, rants, rages, and commentary have made him famous. 

He presently resides in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, with his wife Alexis, their two dogs Ahri and Nami, and their cat Cameron. His debut video, a Modern Warfare 3 gameplay commentary, was released on January 7th, 2012. “Alright, what’s up to people, this is Jev,” he generally says at the start of his videos. “Spawn die, spawn die, spawn die, spawn die, spawn die,” is one of Jev’s most famous statements.

Though he is best known for his Call of Duty gameplays, his raging videos about The Impossible Game have gained him a following over the years due to his extreme shouts (hence why he always states in the description of his raging videos ***HEADPHONE USERS BEWARE!***) and complaints about those games, particularly when it comes to the use of C4 and LMGs in Call of Duty games. “JEV REACTS TO OLD RAGETAGES” is his most popular video so far. In addition, he got a lot of fame for his Impossible Game gameplays, which he did in five sections. For unclear reasons, the last segment was removed from his channel.

His most popular video on YouTube titled “JEV REACTS TO OLD REGETAGES” that video got more than 9.4 million views. Jev is also known for his “RAGETAGE” videos, which he and “CoDKarnage” both uploaded to their respective channels. He played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with his pals, x AkG, x SrK, and x HnR, in his original Ragetage films, which were a compilation of numerous rages by him and his friends. Desk shattering, severe yelling, intense shrieking, extreme complaining, and a situation where a friend of Jevs smashed a hole in his TV (see RAGETAGE #4) are all examples of such videos. Jev now offers Ragetages for several games, not just Call of Duty.

Faze Jev Age 28 (in 2021)

Lives in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States

Faze Jev Biography / Wiki

Real Name Jason Eugen
Gender Male
Age 28 (in 2021)
Birthday 18, October 1993
Nationality American
Profession Gamer, YouTuber
Famous for Gaming videos
Net Worth N/A
Qualification N/A
Hobbies Gaming

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