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DamonAndJo is a popular YouTuber who creates travel, lifestyle, and language learning contacts on this YouTube channel. The real names are Damon Damonique and Joanna Franco. They have a YouTube channel with more than 1.2 million subscribers and more than 108 million total views, and they’ve started this YouTube channel in October 2012. They have a blog and website called “Shut up and go” that’s a travel website they’re started together. Their goal was to make travel more inexpensive and accessible to young people, as well as to do something different from what “cookie-cutter travel shows” have to offer. Backpacking is a common mode of transportation for them. the most popular video on YouTube titled “I got shot and this is what I learned” that video got more than 4.3 million views. 

Dominique was born in Indiana and grew up in Connecticut, while Franco was born in Brazil and raised in Connecticut. The two met while studying abroad in Paris at Pace University in New York City. It was at this time that they began their blog and YouTube channel. Dominique dropped out to focus on it full-time, while Franco earned a bachelor’s degree in international business. They lived in New York, Paris, and Los Angeles as housemates, as well as being entirely nomadic for periods. They are native speakers of English, French, and Portuguese, as well as German, Spanish, and Italian. They frequently use multiple languages in their videos. 

In November 2019, they announced they would be starting their channels and have been solo since. Dominique moved to Paris and uses his channel to document his time there, while Franco’s channel, less active, is more focused on lifestyle, travel, and business tips.

Damon Damonique 

Birthday – October 2, 1991

Age – 30 (in 2021)

Joanna Franco 

Birthday – July 8, 1992

Age – 29 (in 2021)

DamonAndJo Biography / Wiki

Real Name Damon Damonique, Joanna Franco
Nationality American
Profession YouTubers
Famous for Travel, lifestyle, and language learning
Net Worth N/A
Qualification N/A
Hobbies N/A

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