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Christian Wedoy

Christian Wedoy is a YouTuber. He is a Norwegian underwater escapologist and who participated in series 14 of Britain’s Got Talent. He lives in Norway and, he has a YouTube channel with more than 861k subscribers and more than 527 million total views. His most popular video on YouTube is titled “This breath hold got 24M views on TikTok” that video got more than 100 million views. 

He started his YouTube channel in Jun 2011. He attempted to escape from an underwater tank by picking locks during his audition, but the locks would not be given to him until the Judges had opened the cage. Each Judge chose one key from a set of five, which were then snapped in half by Wedoy’s aide with a metal cutter. David then took the last key onto the stage and opened the tank, but the lock-picks had been left on the stage, making the assistant swear and waste more time. Christian was visibly shaking after 4 minutes, and he escaped at 4 minutes and 24 seconds. 

He replied, “unchained,” when asked how he was feeling. ‘I physically felt nauseous the whole time,’ Alesha said, while Amanda described the act. 

In his YouTube channel, he creates a variety of content videos like reviews, vlogs, and water skills.

Christian Wedoy Biography / Wiki

Real Name Christian Wedoy
Gender Male
Age N/A
Birthday N/A
Nationality Norwegian
Profession YouTuber, Norwegian underwater escapologist
Famous for Underwater videos
Net Worth N/A
Qualification N/A
Hobbies N/A

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