Skincare Guide For Combination Skin

Skincare Guide For Combination Skin

Combination Skin

Do you have combination skin too? similar sensitive, dry or oily skin, combination skin also needs special care, dry skin has always been moisturized, more oily skin people have to use mild hydrating products, as well as the combination or combination skin needs to be taken care of differently, Or using the wrong beauty products on combination skin can also cause skin damage and then, you have combination skin then you will be a little negligent towards your skin, so it can lead to many types of skin problems. in such a situation, you need to know what you should and should not apply to your combination skin, like sensitive skin, combination skin should also use any product with caution.

What is combination skin?

Combination skin was being made of dry and oily skin, in this, some part of the skin remains dry and some part remains oily, in combination skin, the t gen area of ​​the face remains dry and u gen area oily, in such a situation, you have to use such products, to keep your skin safe.

Use these things 

1) Hydrating masks can be beneficial for combination skin people,in that case, you can use it it can be used at night. combination skin tends to dry out some parts, so you can use a hydrating mask to keep it hydrated.

2) Face masks can be used to keep combination skin hydrating. This hydrating face mask is very important for the skin. Its use improves the skin and removes irritation or skin-related problems.

3) Use the same moisturizing serum before sunscreen. Due to this the pH level of the skin remains balanced. For this, a vitamin C serum or a gel containing hyaluronic acid works well under sunscreen. This keeps the skin completely moisturized and does not look oily. You should choose sunscreen according to your skin.


4) If you want, you can also use retinol serum at night on your combination skin. Retinol serum is beneficial for all skin types. It removes the problem of acne and helps in maintaining your beauty.

5) People with combination skin should use multi-masking skincare. Multi masking is a great skincare product for combination skin. You can use clay masks and hydrating sheet masks to make your skin beautiful.

Avoid using these things

1) Those with combination skin should avoid using layering multiple skin serums. Because this combination or combination can harm the skin.

2) Girls and women with combination skin or skin should also protect their skin with thick or thick moisturizing cream. Such moisturizing cream is suitable for cold areas. Its use at normal temperature can lead to the formation of a sticky layer on the skin, due to which the skin is not able to protect itself from outside dust, soil, and pollution.

3) Use of alcohol-based tanner is harmful to all skin types. Combination skin people should keep a complete distance from it. They are quite harsh and can make the skin oily. Alcohol-based tanners can also disrupt the pH balance of the skin.

4) Combination skin should also be protected from the use of a high-potency salicylic acid cleanser. These products are very harsh and their use on combination skin can cause damage. If you want to use it, you can do it once a week. You can use a natural cleanser to keep your skin safe.

5) The skin should also be protected with skincare oils in summer. Although oils are considered good for the skin, you should avoid them during summers. Instead, you can use gel-based products.

If you also have combination skin, then you should also take care of all the important things mentioned above.

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