Screen Rant Real Name, Face Reveal, Net Worth, Biography

Screen Rant Real Name, Face Reveal, Age, Net Worth, Biography


Screen Rant is a famous American YouTube channel that specializes, in generating top -10 lists of movie and television show details, Warner Brothers, Marvel, Disney, Star Wars and, DC are among the channel’s channel’s primary concerns.

YouTube Channel

This YouTube channel was launched on August 18, 2008, although uploads did not begin before 2010. Their earliest videos featured talks with well-known game developers, filmmakers, and other related stuff. After garnering little views and awareness, they decided to focus their videos on movie trailers and Comicon, which resulted in a minor increase in views.

Screen Rant rose to prominence in 2015 after releasing a top ten list of underwhelming movies, they eventually stopped doing interviews rather than focusing on making further top ten videos. They started with Disney and then moved on to that celebrity.

Ryan George hosts comic pitch meetings for major motion pictures and movie franchises as a method, to criticize the films while still entertaining the public in Pitch Meeting, one of the channel’s most successful shows. It’s given rise to memes the same as “Super easy, barely an inconvenience” and “(insert concept here) is tight!” in the follower base. The series began on 27 November 2017, with the “Justice League” Pitch Meeting. Which has inspired a sketch under his channel and has now grown to around 200 pitch meetings. Each Sunday, new Pitch Meetings are posted.

Currently, he has more than 8.42 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Unfortunately, there is no personal information about him. He lives in Ogden, Utah, United States.

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