NFKRZ Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Podcast, Biography

NFKRZ Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Podcast, Biography


NFKRZ is a Russian YouTuber that makes videos that remark on Russian society and current affairs for Language fans in nations. His real name is Robert Albertovich Avalon, and he was born on 24 January 1998 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He is 24 years old (as of 2022). NFKRZ is a short form of No-Fuckers. NFKRZ seems to be in the YouTube Drama group for his numerous tantrums on Keemstar and no Bullshit. NFKRZ then used to create MLG videos before transitioning to analysis videos like Pyrocynical. His supporters are known as The Warriors. Roman is now better recognized for his videos about Tradition and his vlogs from throughout Russia and the surrounding countries. He has gained more than 941k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel

NFKRZ began posting on 22 October 2011, after starting his YouTube page on 31 August 2010. “Biggest TF2 noob ever? haha,” this is his first post. Pyrocynical, Dolan Dark, Jameskii, and BamanBoi seem to be his pals, and he used to record Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with them during his earlier life.

NFKRZ inspired two memes: “Use code NFKRZ,” a parody of Keemstar’s “Use code KEEM for G Fuel,” and “Use code NFKRZ.” The second meme was “Buy me Overwatch Mafia 3,” which had no known origin or relevance, but was tweeted by NFKRZ to Pyrocynical and PewDiePie. Pyrocynical responded by sarcastically purchasing Grand Theft Auto III for him, and the gaming footage can be watched on NFKRZ’s YouTube channel.

He studied linguistics and translation at Chelyabinsk State University. Despite possessing excellent English pronunciation in equal to the national Russian, he always was ridiculed and those who can recognize his English, and his audiences then used roast him in the comments page of his videos, often saying things like “Give subtitles, Ablo Pigman,” as well as “NFKRZ, I can’t understand you.” He’s also been dubbed an ablo, which is most likely a reference to a YouTube video named “Orman ablo drives his car” uploaded by Zathandrapus. NFKRZ also makes jokes about that on occasion.

NFKRZ Biography, Wiki

Real NameRobert Albertovich Avalon
Age24 (as of 2022)
Birthday24 January 1998
Famous forN/A
Net WorthN/A

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