MinuteEarth YouTuber, Team, Members, Net Worth, Biography

MinuteEarth YouTuber, Team, Members, Age, Net Worth, Biography


MinuteEarth is a famous YouTube channel based in the United States. That specializes in Earth’s natural science and educates audiences about Earth’s educative activities in just a few minutes. Sticks drawings and animals are animated in the videos. Migration routes, animals, and geology are some of the subjects covered in the videos. Minutephysics is complemented by this channel. Even though there are some associated guests, MinuteEarth has a smaller audience than its sibling channel.

The YouTube channel gained more than 2.65 million subscribers, and this YouTube channel is started on 20 October 2011 and uploaded its first video is 9 March 2019. The most viewed video on this YouTube channel titled “Why it sucks to be a male hyena” that video got more than 17 million views.

The MinuteEarth Team members name

Alex Reich
Arcadi Gracia
Devid Goldenberg
Ever Salazar
Henry Reich
Jasper Palfree
Julian Gomez
Kate Yoshida
Melissa Hayes
Nathaniel Schroeder
Peter Reich
Sara Berman

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