Makima Chainsaw Man: Everything You Need to Know (All Abilities)

One of the most anticipated anime series of 2022 is expected to be Chainsaw Man, and some of us might not be all that familiar with the plot.

Makima Chainsaw Man

Here is a quick overview of Makima in Chainsaw Man, containing information on her backstory, personality, and debut in the manga, to help you get to know the major characters in the series.

In This article, we discuss a character named Makima from an anime series called Chainsaw man.

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High-ranking Public Safety Devil Hunter Makima (or Makima?) adopted Denji as her pet human. She is later identified as the Control Devil (Shihai no Akuma?), a representation of the dread of dominance or conquest. She dies and then reincarnates as Nayuta. She is the Public Safety Saga’s primary antagonist.

Makima Chainsaw Man Appearance

A stunning woman who seems to be in her mid-twenties, Makima. Her hair is a light red color and is usually pulled back in a sloppy braid with double long layers that frame her face and reach just past her eyebrows. She has yellow eyes with several red circles inside of them. She is wearing black ties, black slacks, a white long-sleeved shirt, and brown shoes.

Makima Chainsaw Man Personality

Makima Chainsaw Man

At first glance, Makima appears to be a nice, kind, sociable, and friendly woman. She smiles almost constantly and exudes confidence even in the face of adversity. But this is just a front she puts on to achieve what she wants. After Aki Hayakawa’s passing, Makima starts to show Denji who she is. The real Makima is a macho, cunning woman who views everyone around her as little more than “dogs” that she can abuse as much as she wants and who must be obeyed without question.

Makima is incredibly shrewd, chilly, and deceptive. She threatens to kill him if he disobeys her, and manipulates Denji by promising him a love and sexual relationship. She is cruel and ordinarily insensible, and she will go to any distance to achieve her goals, exactly if it indicates surrendering the people she ought to be supporting.

Like Gun Devil, who is controlled by Americans, Makima recognizes she is not a decent person and views herself as a “necessary evil” weapon for the Japanese government. She doesn’t worry that her plans may go awry because she will succeed in achieving her goals, success, or fail.

Chainsaw Man, the “Hero of Hell,” is a huge favorite of Makima’s. Her declared objective is to take control of Chainsaw Man so that she may use its talents to build a perfect world lacking fear, death, and “bad” movies. She is fascinated by its capacity to eradicate the corporeal concept of a demon by swallowing them. Failure too is acceptable because it would imply being eaten, which is an honor in her eyes.

But Makima’s real desire was to have a happy life beside Pochita and remain with him forever. She had always desired a family-like relationship because the Control Devil was unable to build similar and fulfilling relationships.

Makima Chainsaw Man Abilities

Due to her physical strength, devilish powers, cunning and manipulative disposition, Makima is among the strongest characters in the Chainsaw Man universe. She is dreaded by humans, devils, and fiends everywhere, which strengthens her abilities as a devil. Other nations besides America have already stopped trying to combat her, claims the President of the United States.

Makima is a devil, hence she has all the devil-specific skills. These include the capacity to enter into agreements with people. She can compel people to get into a deal with her, since she has the power to influence others. In exchange for working again for the Japanese government, Makima signed an agreement only with the Prime Minister of Japan. Because of this agreement, any fatal injuries to Makima are converted into a suitable disease or ailment afflicting a random Japanese citizen. She was depicted as having been shot in the back rear of the head & appearing to have died, but she later stood up with no obvious injuries.

Denji, however, discovered a method to go around the terms of her agreement well with the Prime Minister of Japan by murdering her to put an end to her suffering, which he saw as an act of love instead of an assault. After being devoured by him, she went back to Hell and, thanks to demons’ capacity for resurrection, later returned as Nayuta to China.

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Physical Abilities

Immen Strength: 

Makima has tremendous physical power, which enables her to engage in hand-to-hand battles successfully without the aid of her minions. She was strong enough to overpower Pochita and use her strikes to break his chainsaws.

Enhanced Smell:

Makima, according to Denji, distinguishes herself from others mostly through smell. When they first met, she was ready to discern by his fragrance that Pochita was still inside Denji. She, like us, cannot tell one human from another by sight, just as we cannot tell one dog from another by looking at their faces.

Supernatural abilities


She represents the dread of being in charge or being conquered, hence her skills reflect this. She is capable of controlling any entity that she perceives as being inferior to her, including coercing them into signing deals with her or another devil, in addition to her deceptive method of thinking and acting. Makima can defeat opponents in a fight to demonstrate their weakness to herself if she isn’t completely sure that she’s superior to someone, like Reze. It appears that after being put under her control, that victim later loses all memory of the events leading up to and the actions they took while under her control. 

On hybrids, devils, animals, friends, and humans alike, this power is effective. She can summon her victims through a cord that is attached to her body, channeling their power. She has demonstrated the capacity to employ the powers of the Angel Devil, Future Devil, Snake Devil, Punishment Devil, Spider Devil, and Zombie Devil. This method can be used to manipulate even dead people. Reze, Quanxi, and Katana Man were three of Makima’s weapon hybrid allies who had once been her foes but now showed her affection. This shows that Makima is capable of both direct control over people and subtle personality changes. Makima’s power can be overthrown, as evidenced by Angel Devil.

Force Manipulation:

Makima has demonstrated the ability to offensively control an impenetrable force in several ways that are comparable to Darkness Devil. Simply gazing at her vulnerable targets will cause internal damage with this force. She can employ this power in a variety of ways, depending on the circumstance, including.

She has demonstrated the ability to crush her target with an unseen force from a great distance. Makima seems to need a higher location, like a shrine, the name of a target, as well as a human sacrifice to apply this technique. Makima uses her hands to make a symbol and tells the sacrifice, whose eyes are covered in a white cloth, to say the name of both the intended victim. The sacrifice then passes away, followed by the target being crushed. This attack fully obliterates the victim’s body but does not affect the nearby people or items, including the target’s clothing. The folks around her cover their eyes with the black cloth while she uses this power.

FAQs About Makima Chainsaw Man

Makima is a villain?

The primary antagonist of Chainsaw Man’s first story arc is Makima.

Who is Chainsaw Man’s love interest?

Despite Makima’s deception, Chainsaw Man, actually Denji, expresses genuine romantic involvement in her. Alternatively, it can simply be Denji’s wish to get into a relationship with a woman.

Who was responsible for Makima’s?

Makima suffers numerous death threats at the hands of numerous individuals, along with the Chainsaw devil. But she continued to be automatically revived until Chainsaw Man, with the aid of the blood devil, killed her (Power).

What is Makima’s age?

As a devil, Makima’s age is likely in centuries, if not more, even if she looks to be in her 20s.

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