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French YouTube channel is also known as chilledcow, and he uploads music-related content on his YouTube channel. This YouTube channel earned more than 9 million subscribers. He live-streams the lofi hip-hop music 24/7 and shows a girl relaxing/studying animation. He has an Instagram account with more than 800k followers, and he posts some of his YouTube videos previews.

The YouTube channel was created by Dimitri in March 2015 and started streaming lofi hip-hop music in February 2017. In July and August, the Livestream was taken down by YouTube for using the background picture of a girl studying animation. Later the Livestream started with a custom animation of a girl studying. After six years, they announced the YouTube channel name was is changed Chilledcow to Lofi girl.

Lofi girl streams are going with an animation of a girl studying or relaxing that came to be known as lofi girl. The character is named “Shizuku Tasukishima” from the film “Whisper of the heart” and takes the character as the face of the YouTube channel. The most viewed video on his YouTube channel got more than 68 million views, and it’s a Live stream that titled “1 A.M Study Session – [lofi hip hop/chill beats]“.

Lofi girl started a music label named Lofi Records. Clear all the possibilities to get the takedown to copyright, and it’s the reason for creating these lofi records. Release music from different varieties of artists for use to They’re Livestreams. Unfortunately, there are no more personal details about him.

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