Joseph Prince Age, Family, Net Worth, Wife, Biography

Joseph Prince Age, Family, Net Worth, Wife, Biography


Joseph Prince is the Youth Pastor of the Singapore-based New Creation Church. His Gospel, which was founded in 1983, is one of Asia’s largest, and Joseph himself is also one of the world’s wealthiest pastors, The famous pastor has been successful in persuading and captivating millions of viewers from all around the world with his tv program “Destined to reign,” As well as his path to becoming a pastor and creating his organization, which has grown and become one of the world’s largest and most prominent Christian denominations.


On 15 May 1963, Joseph Prince was born in Singapore to that of an Indian Sikh priest and his Chinese wife.
He completed his initial findings and A-level education in Perak, Malaysia, as well as in Singapore. Joseph was employed as an IT expert then became a priest after being allocated as a parish priest there at age of 31. Joseph Prince is a husband and father. When he was 31 years old, he wedded Wendy Prince. Justin David Prince is their son, while Jessica Shayna Prince is their girl.

He has lectured at organizations all over the world. Also in South Africa, Australia, Canada, Norway, the United Kingdom, Italy, Indonesia, the United States, and the Netherlands, as a well-respected evangelist of Holy scripture.


After he was appointed parish priest, the Vatican’s membership has swelled from roughly 150 well over 31,000 devout followers traveling to attend him preach.

He is the founder of “Joseph Prince Ministries, Inc,” a semi-organization. To propagate and implant the teaching of Christ, his organization makes extensive use of contemporary media technology and social media. He is a convincing speaker of this generation is going Grace Revolution, among the most well-known preachers on the earth. He wants people to recognize and appreciate the kindness and love that Jesus has showered upon us.

He places his faith in mankind and, communicates with them with tremendous compassion, demonstrating. How God’s biggest gifts to humankind are love and cleanliness, Numerous lives have now been changed as a result of his lessons, and several individuals have been guided along the correct path. In contrast to conventional damning speaking, which centers mostly on guilt and judgment, Joseph Prince emphasizes God’s kindness and his desire to convey all of his people to an eternity in his lectures.

Joseph Prince Biography, Wiki

Real NameJoseph Prince
Age59 (as of 2022)
Birthday15 May 1963
ProfessionYouth Pastor of the Singapore-based New Creation Church
Famous forN/A
Net WorthN/A

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