How to Verify Your Coinbase Account Step-By-Step Guide

How to Verify Your Coinbase Account Step-By-Step Guide

Coinbase is one of the most secure exchanges used to sell, buy, and store cryptocurrency. Their support purchasing, trading, and storing bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Ethereum classic, and litecoin. They have three levels of verification on account creation. If you are looking for a guide for creating an account in coinbase, and you are not sure where to begin, follow these simple steps and instructions that way you can create an account in coinbase.

1. Get started with signup

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First, open coinbase and reach the homepage, you can see the real-time prices of supported cryptocurrencies. On this page, you can see two “Get Started” buttons, this is placed one on the left of the screen and the second one in the top right corner. Click the button and that will navigate to the next step of creating an account.

Now a box has appeared asking you to enter your basic information like your real name, email address, and a password to protect your account. Chose a password like unique and complicated to identify with others. You can use different letters cases, symbols, and numbers to create your password. Then select your state, this is an important part because each state has its requirements and regulations in cryptocurrency. Finally check the box that you are 18 years or older, and click the “Create Account” button. Only 18 years old individuals are eligible to create an account in coinbase. Doing sign-up process you will need to verify your identity.

2. Verify the Email address

In this step, a box will appear, and click the “Verify Email Address” button, once you clicked the button a verification email sent to the given email address in the last step. This is the first step in the account confirmation.

3. Complete Email Address Verification

This screen will appear when you clicked the “Verify Email Address” button, if you have not received an email check your spam mail section and refresh. If the email still not arrived click the “Email didn’t Arrive” button, which will send another email. Then you will receive an email in your inbox, follow the link given in the Verify your email address text, and continue to the next step.

4. Phone Number Verification

Now you verified your email address, the next step is to verify your phone number, this step works like SMS verification. Select your country and enter your 10-digit phone number in the given box “your phone number” then the last click “send code”. Now received a text message to give the phone number

5. Enter Coinbase Signup SMS code

Now a text message with short numerical codes arrived on your given phone number, enter this code into the box that appeared on the next screen after you click the “Send Code” button.

6. Enter your personal verification information

In this step, you will enter your personal information as needed by your state. (In this guide we use new york state financial regulations). Fill in the required information and needed options. You are confirming this is accurate and authentic by giving your personal information to coinbase. Once you entered all the required information check those again and click the “Continue’ button in the bottom right corner. All the required information are may vary in your state.

7. Dashboard and Account

You entered all your information and you can access your dashboard. Cryptocurrency prices you saw on the coinbase homepage, will show in your dashboard. See your account info and complete setup click the “Account” button in the top menu on the left.

8. Add Found

The financial accounts are linked in the account tab. On the left side below you can see “No Transactions,” click “Add Founds.” During this Signup process, you can add funds to your coinbase account via wire transfer or by directly linking your bank account to your coinbase account.

9. Make a Wire Transfer or Bank Deposit

Make Wire Transfer

On the account page click “wire transfer” this will navigate to the next step.

Enter your bank’s name and full name, then enter the amount you would like to transfer, then click “continue.” This step transfers your funds to your coinbase account from your bank account directly.

Make a Bank Deposit

Click the “Bank Account” that will lead you to the next step.

If you are making more translations, link a Bank account that will help you to speed up. Click the “deposit” button to enter the next step.

Sign in and Wait

Then enter your banking information and wait for the confirmation

Select the account you would like to link

In this step, all the accounts will appear, click the account you to deposit money from then select “continue.”

10. Enable Sending and receiving funds

Once you have linked your banking information, you are moved to identity verification. If you want to send or receive digital currency you have to confirm your identity. Click the “Enable Send and receive” button to complete this step.

11. Confirm identity with a photo

Now we are on the identity verification page. The first step you must upload photographs of your government-issued ID through webcam photos or uploading photos from your computer. To do this select you will be providing a driver’s license or other IDs by clicking one of the buttons on the screen.

12. Upload Government-issued ID Photos

Hold your ID up to the camera and take photos, if you don’t have a webcam to capture your ID you can upload photos from your computer. First, capture the front side of ID then capture the Backside of ID. Make sure your IDs fit in the border and are clear without any glare. You can not create an account in coinbase by skipping this step.

13. Take a Selfie

The next step is you need to take a picture of yourself. This step is to make sure you match the photo on your ID. Tip: take your photo in front of a solid background and ensure your photo is clear.

14. ID Verification Email

Your photo is submitted you need to Wait for verification. You will receive an email notification after verification is completed. If they are not accepted, they asked to re-take your photo.

15. Complete Signup by clicking the link in your Email

Now finally follow the link in your verification email, then you will appear a screen that shows your account is ready. If you would like to buy cryptocurrency click the Buy Digital currency button placed right away.

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