Good Mythical Morning Crew, Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Biography

Good Mythical Morning Crew, Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Biography


Good Mythical Morning is an American comedy talk show hosted by Rhett James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln. It has nearly 1,000 episodes and focuses on the hosts’ sometimes eccentric lives. as well as episodes regarding the filming of their main YouTube channel programs. The show premiered on YouTube on January 9, 2012, and new episodes are added every weekday since then. The show has twenty-one seasons as of January 2022. Rhett was born on 11 October 1977 and Charles was born on 1 June 1978.

YouTube Channel

Every weekday morning, Good Mythical Morning is released to YouTube. Rhett and Link would normally do shenanigans in each episode, including proposing and answering often bizarre questions, telling stories, singing songs, participating in challenges, playing games, and so on. The episodes usually don’t have a consistent topic or scheduling. Rhett and Link spin the “Wheel of Mythicality” at the end of each episode, which can land on categories like “New Selfie Face,” “Random Disturbing Fact,” and “Gifticality.” This varies greatly depending on the season.

The “Taste Test” segment debuted in the third season of Good Mythical Morning and includes episodes in which the hosts guess the meal while blindfolded, push themselves to eat something spicy and nasty, and compare a certain sort of food across several brands. The “Bug War Challenge,” the “Ghost Pepper Challenge,” the “Carolina Reaper Challenge,” and the “Sriracha Challenge” are among the most popular videos from this series.

The “Will It?” series debuted in the fifth season, in which the hosts attempt to make new variants of a famous meal using strange and progressively repulsive ingredients. On Cinco De Mayo, 2014, the inaugural episode of “Will It?” aired, titled “Will It Taco,” in which Rhett and Link tasted tacos made of pine needles, baby shampoo, and congealed pork blood. Will It, along with Taste Test, has been the most popular series on the channel thus far.

Name: Rhett James McLaughlin
Date of birth: 11 October 1977
Birthplace: Macon, Georgia
Age: 45 as of 2022

Name: Charles Lincoln
Date of birth: 1 June 1978
Birthplace: Buies Creek, NC
Age: 44 as of 2022

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