Edwin Sarkissian Age, Grandfather, Family, Net Worth, Wiki, Biography

Edwin Sarkissian is a popular YouTuber and social media personality who has gained a massive following for his thrilling and captivating shooting and gun videos. Read out to know more about his real name, age, family, net worth, girlfriend, height, weight, ethnicity, bio, wiki, and more.

Edwin Sarkissian Wiki, Biography

Edwin was born in Iran and lived there until his family relocated him to California, United States, in search of a better life. Growing up, he experienced first-hand the difficulties of living in poverty and the struggles that come with it. Despite these challenges, he was grateful for his family and the love and support they provided him.

Real NameEdwin Sarkissian
Nick NameEdwin
Age39 (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignN/A
ProfessionYouTuber, and Social media personality
Famous forShooting and gun videos
Educational QualificationN/A
NationalityAmerican (not confirmed)

Edwin Sarkissian Career

He started his YouTube channel in September 2014, and it quickly gained popularity, with over 4.5 million subscribers. The most viewed video on his channel, “How many PUBG Cast iron skillets does it take to stop a bullet,” has over 82 million views and showcases the diverse range of equipment and devices that he uses in his videos.

He was determined to overcome the odds and succeed, working at McDonald’s to save up for his first bike and later developing hotel franchises in Denver. He then decided to start his own company, which he runs to this day.

Edwin’s life story is one of determination, hard work, and perseverance. He has come a long way from his childhood days and is now a successful businessman and a beloved personality on YouTube. He is an inspiration to many and proof that with hard work and a positive attitude, anything is possible.

Edwin Sarkissian Family

We don’t know anything about his family. It’s unclear if he’s in a relationship now, but in 2012 he said he was single in an interview. He likes to keep his personal life private and doesn’t share much with the media. We will update it when it becomes available.

Edwin Sarkissian Family

Edwin Sarkissian Age, Height, Weight and More

As of 2023, he is 39 years old. Currently, there is no information available about his height and weight. It is known that he has black hair and eyes. We will update this information as soon as it becomes available to us.

Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Edwin Sarkissian Age, Height, Weight and More

Edwin Sarkissian Grandfather

Edwin Sarkissian Age, Grandfather, Family, Net Worth, Wiki, Biography

There is no information currently available about his grandfather. We will update this information as soon as it becomes available to us.

Edwin Sarkissian’s Net Worth

His exact net worth is not publicly known, but it’s estimated to be around $2 million. He earns money from various social media accounts, where he promotes products for different brands. Additionally, he makes money through his YouTube channel.


  • Edwin is a famous Youtuber and social media personality in the United States.
  • He gained popularity for his gunshot and shooting videos and has over 4.5 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel.
  • As a child, Edwin always wanted a computer but his family couldn’t afford one. He eventually received an old computer from a church member, which taught him the importance of appreciating what he has.
  • Despite his success, Edwin remains hardworking and frugal, using free software like iMovies for his videos.
  • Not much is known about his personal life, but it’s known that his parents are proud of him and he values them greatly.
  • Edwin was born in Iran but moved to California with his parents as a young boy to have a better life.
  • He has a blue-ticked Instagram account with 124,000 followers and a Facebook account with 660,000 followers.
  • Edwin also has other businesses, including salons, hotels, and an online e-commerce store. He is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million.

Frequently Asked Questions about Edwin Sarkissian

Who is Edwin Sarkissian?

He is a famous YouTube and social media star who has a huge fan base because of his exciting and engaging videos about guns and shooting.

Who is Edwin Sarkissian Grandfather?

We don’t know anything about Edwin’s grandfather yet. We will update this information as soon as it becomes available to us.

Where is Edwin Sarkissian from?

He is from the the United States

How old is Edwin Sarkissian?

He is 39 years old as of 2023.

When is Edwin Sarkissian birthday?

He was born in 1984.

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