Ash and Jess Age, TikTok, Deaf Sister, Birthday, Biography

Ash and Jess Age, TikTok, Deaf Sister, Birthday, Wiki, Biography


Ash and Jess is a TikTok content creator known for gimmicks, video blogs, and parody recodings. They have a TikTok account named Zerotothree with more than 1.6 million followers, and they have a YouTube channel named Ash & Jess with more than 213k subscribers. This YouTube channel and TikTok account are run by two sisters Ashley Gossett and Jessica Holton. Ash was born on 1 September 1994. She has been called overweight since she was a toddler. She spoke against fat-shaming and has been dismayed by the bad feedback she has received on her video.

People had been nasty to Ash in the prior, and she was self-conscious about her looks, but she is now well-liked and comfortable in her skin. Jordan is Ash’s wife, and they also have three children altogether. The pair adopted their gorgeous children in March 2020.

Jess was born in 1997/98, she is not revealed her exact date of birth. She is three years younger. She is deaf, Her left ear was born deaf, then she could hear loud noises through her right. She’s been attempting to decipher the noises in several videos the sisters have posted on TikTok. In 2020, she married her 8-year best friend and had two dogs named Waylon and Chance.

The YouTube channel is started on 27 February 2021, and the most viewed video on this YouTube channel titled “My deaf sister saying names of products in-store” that video got more than 25 million views. They have an Instagram account with more than 16k followers.

Name: Ashley Gossett
Date of birth: 1 September 1994
Birthplace: N/A
Age: 27 as of 2022

Name: Jessica Holton
Date of birth: 1997/98 (Not Confirmed)
Birthplace: N/A
Age: 24 as of 2022

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