Who is Zendex PUBG Real name, Place, Face reveal and Biography

Who is Zendex PUBG Real name, Place, Face reveal and Biography

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Zendex is a famous PUBG Mobile gaming content creator and he currently has 1 million subscribers on his youtube channel. Zendex PUBG ID is 5671247021. And is PUBG name (in-game name) is Zendex. He didn’t reveal his real name and his face. Zendex is from India and he makes videos of PUBG Mobile tutorials and gun guides and pro tips and tricks also make some myth-buster videos. He does not use his real voice in his youtube videos he uses a computer-generated voice.


Zendex started his youtube channel on 03 April 2019 and he also uploaded his first video that day, it was the gameplay of PUBG Mobile. Zendex has 130 million total views on his channel. He made the Zendex channel inspired by wackyjacky101. The most popular video on his channel has 5 million views and the video titled “Top 10 Tips & Tricks in PUBG Mobile that Everyone Should Know (From Noob TO PRO) Guide #10” was uploaded on July 5, 2020


Currently, he plays PUBG Mobile on his new iPad M1 and he also has iPhone 11. Zendex has a second channel named Zendex Gaming for Live streams and other content like montage and gameplays. Zendex Gaming only has 16k Subscribers and it was started on October 8, 2020

Zendex Biography, Wiki

Real Name: N/A
IGN (In game name) : Zendex
Character ID: 5671247021
Device: iPad, iPhone 11
Place: India
Profession: YouTuber
YouTube channel : Zendex, Zendex Gaming
Subscribers: 1 Million
Nationality: Indian
Place od Birth: India
Controls: 5 Fingers + Gyro Scope
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