Who is Sleepy Real Name Name, Age, Birthday, Biography

Sleepy Real Name Name, Age, Birthday

Sleepy is an Overwatch League Flex Support player who last played for the Washington Justice. His real name is Nikola Andrews was born on 16, September 1998, in Topeka, Kansas. He had a YouTube channel with more than 421k subscribers and more than 50 million total views. He also lives streams through Twitch, and he uploads his lives stream cuts in his YouTube channel. 

He and his brother used to play a lot of console games when they were younger. When he was 12, he played Team Fortress 2, his first PC game. While he desired to play professionally in every game he played, he felt he had a chance with Overwatch when he started playing on Ladder against other professionals and holding his footing, sometimes even beating them.

Tempo Storm NA rebrands their Overwatch team in early 2017 after a string of departures, bringing in DreamKazper, jaw, wolf, and sleepy. In the Haste Overwatch competition, Sleepy made his debut for Tempo Storm NA. He would defeat Gale Force eSports and Counter Logic Gaming, but lose to Hammers eSports, finishing second in his debut tournament as a professional.

Tempo Storm NA would go on to compete in a few more events after that, but they would always lose in the first round, failing to win a medal. It would take another month for Sleepy to win a gold medal. Tempo Storm NA will compete in the Overwatch PIT Championship- North America Season 1 Open Qualifier on March 16th, 2017.

Dummy left NRG eSports on June 23rd, 2017. Sleepy ended up auditioning for NRG as flex support to permanently stand-in for dummy. NRG eSports had already announced that they would be joining the Overwatch League as the San Francisco Shock by the time Sleepy qualified for the team. The San Francisco Shock officially unveiled its roster on September 28th, 2017, when it was discovered that sleepy had made the team. [3]. He was transferred to the Washington Justice Department on April 19th, 2019.

Sleepy was traded to the Washington Justice after being offered a starting spot on another team. His experience gave the underwhelming squad more consistency. Sleepy came to Melbourne, Australia, with the Justice to compete in the Melbourne Esports Open.

On October 19, 2019, Sleepy was officially released from the Washington Justice, and he did not sign with a club for the Overwatch League’s third season, and he has since retired. He now lives with his fiancĂ©e Aelita “Seyeumi” Shiomi in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he streams full-time. 

He has stated that he does not intend to return to professional gaming but has pondered doing so in Overwatch 2


  • 2020-04-18 9 – 16th Major Flash Ops Flash Ops: Echo Showdown – NA God Gamer Gang 0 : 3 HogAndBall $0
  • 2019-08-25 17th Premier Overwatch League Overwatch League – 2019 Regular Season Washington Justice 8/20 Grp. S. $0
  • 2019-03-24 2nd Major Overwatch League Overwatch League – 2019 Stage 1 Playoffs San Francisco Shock 3: 4 Vancouver Titans $100,000
  • 2018-06-17 9th Premier Overwatch League Overwatch League – Inaugural Season San Francisco Shock 17/23 Grp. S. $50,000
  • 2017-07-08 1st Minor The Overguard The Overguard: Haste Overwatch $1k Series 2 Hard Retweet 3 : 0 Aceless $780
  • 2017-06-26 1st Weekly Academy Gaming Academy Gaming Overwatch Weekly #57 Hard Retweet 2 : 0 Prestige Worldwide $96
  • 2017-03-14 2nd Weekly Rivalcade Rivalcade Weekly #4 North America Tempo Storm 0: 2 Toronto Esports $120
  • 2017-02-28 3rd Weekly Rivalcade Rivalcade Weekly #2 North America Tempo Storm 2 : 0 Black Dragons e-Sports $150
  • 2017-02-04 2nd Minor Haste Overwatch Haste Overwatch Tempo Storm 0 : 3 Hammers Esports $150
  • 2016-09-13 2nd Weekly Academy Gaming Academy Gaming Overwatch Weekly #16 Kungarna 2 : 0 GoodVibes $20.8

Sleepy Biography / Wiki

Real Name Nikola Andrews
Gender Male
Age 23 (in 2021)
Birthday Nikola Andrews
Nationality American
Profession eSports
Famous for N/A
Net Worth N/A
Qualification N/A
Hobbies N/A

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