Who is Rollexxx?


Rollexxx is one of the most popular professional PUBG mobile e-sports Player from America. Rollexxx real name is Guillermo Jimenez. He was born on 28 November. His from the United States of America. He had a YouTube channel named Rollexxx with 2.77 lakhs subscribers and 34 Million total views. He uploads most of the videos in his PUBG Mobile gameplays. He also uploads crate opening and some stuff from the PUBG Mobile game.

Rollexxx Pubg ID and IGN

Rollexxx PUBG Mobile ID is 514589102. His IGN is Rollexxx. You can search him and send friend requests and see his Stats using the ID number in PUBG Mobile.

Rollexxx Stats and Achievements in PUBG Mobile game

Rollexxx together with his team was a finalist in the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge. His clan name is Rollexxx and his crew name is YouTube Rollexxx. He has really amazing stats on PUBG Mobile. He achieved the Conqueror title in TPP and FPP in the North American Squad server. He had a good KD ratio of 12.78 in 365 Matches, out of the won 202 Matches.

He pushed his tier rank to conquer in many seasons. And also he maintained tire rank in conquer. Here is the list of the seasons he achieved the Conqueror title.

  • Season 3 FPP Conqueror
  • Season 4 TPP Conqueror
  • Season 5 TPP Conqueror
  • Season 7 TPP Conqueror
  • Season 12 TPP Conqueror

Rollexxx Official Achievements

  • PUBG Mobile club open spring split 2020: 9th Place
  • North American
  • ESL Mobile Open: Atlanta : 1st Place
  • PUBG Mobile club open fall split North America: 6th Place
  • PUBG Mobile club open fall split North America Semifinals : 6th Place
  • PUBG Mobile club open fall split North America Group stage: 10th Place
  • PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019: 11th place
  • Omlate Arcade Championship Season 2: 16th place
  • PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018: 14th Place
  • PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018 North America: 1st Place
  • PUBG Mobile player unknown invitational tournament: 2018 : 1st Place

Rollexxx Biography, Wiki

Real Name: Guillermo Jimenez
Age: N/A
Place: United States
Nationality: American
Country: USA
Device: N/A
Control: N/A
Earnings: Approx total earnings $13,135
PUBG ID: 514589102
IGN (In game name) : Rollexxx
Clan: Rollexxx
Crew : YouTube Rollexxx
YouTube channel : Rollexxx
Subscribers: 2.77lakhs

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