Who is Levinho?

Levinho pubg

Levinho is a popular PUBG Mobile YouTuber from Sweden. His real name is Brahim and Levinho is 22 years old. He was born on May 10, 1999, in Stockholm, Sweden. He currently has 10.3 Million subscribers on Youtube. He uploads PUBG Mobile gameplays on his channel. Levinho has a huge fan base and he is currently the most subscribed PUBG Mobile YouTube channel.

Levinho also has a brother he has a channel named Sevou with 5.50 Million subscribers and he also uploads PUBG Mobile gameplay content. Levinho plays PUBG Mobile on his iPhone XS Max.

Controls: Levinho uses a four-finger claw plus Gyroscope 

Levinho’s PUBG Mobile Character ID is 546590561

Levinho started his youtube channel on January 24, 2018. He uploaded his first video on June 21, 2018, and his most popular video titled ’40 SOLO KILLS NEW WORLD RECORD | SOLO VS SQUAD | PUBG MOBILE’ he got around 23 million views on that video. Levinho is the official influencer of PUBG Mobile he has an in-game title named ‘PUBGMobile Partner’

Levinho Biography, Wiki

Real Name: Brahim
Age: 22 years old
Place: Stockholm, Sweden
Character ID: 546590561
IGN(In game name) : Ṃ¤Levinho
Device: iPhone XS max
Control: 4 Finger claw + Gyroscope
Religion Muslim
Date of birth: 10 May 1999
Clan: Ṃ¤Menace (co-leader)
YouTube channel : Levinho
Subscribers: 10.3 Million

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