Who is LevelxVenom ?

Real name : Ashish
Place : Kochi
Age : 19
Role : Granader
Device : 
Clan : Levelx
LevelxVenos is a North American competitive player. His real name is Ashish and he’s from Kochi. LevelxVenom currently lives in Canada for studying. His clan name is Levelx. His role in the squad is Granader and Sniper. He has a YouTube channel with 1.07k subscribers. 
He and his squad gave a lot of achievements. These guys are finalists in PMCO 2021 (PUBG Mobile Club open) and PMPL 2021(PUBG Mobile Pro league). Semifinals in PMCO North American Fall Split 2020. PMCO North American 2020 semi-finals they got 3 Chicken dinners in a row. 

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