Who is Beluga Face Reveal, Age, Real Name, Biography

Beluga Face Reveal

Beluga is an American YouTuber whose main channel has Discord Skits, while his third channel, Beluga Jr., features memes and shorts. He primarily uploads short Discord-related or speed-runs meme videos on his channel Beluga. Even though it is his second channel, this one has acquired a lot of attention in late June 2021 owing to the nature of the content and has fast overtaken his Lucid Dreaming channel.

He now solely posts Discord-related videos, some of which are partially serialized or canon. The protagonist of these videos is normally Beluga himself, however, he occasionally disguises himself as an anime lady named “Beluwuga” or “Beluga Jr,” his “son channel. “‘s

These are the characters who appear in Beluga’s videos regularly:

Pablo: a Discord moderator who subsequently became the administrator and server owner of Pablo’s Pub. He manipulates Beluga on occasion, and if he is irritated, he will mute Beluga, Hecker, and Skittle. Sometimes it’s for no apparent cause.

Lester: is a moderator on Discord. He appears to be an assailant, as Skittle vanished after meeting him, and he appears to have a one-sided connection with Skittle-Chan.

Eugene: is a moderator on Discord. Due to his bald head, Beluga compared him to an egg on several times.

Skittle-chan: is a pre-teen girl who has been accused of being victimized by Discord employees. Beluga appears to have developed an obsessive fixation on her, and she appears to be his girlfriend in several episodes.

Beluga’s best friend is skittle: They eventually went missing after meeting Lester. Later in the videos, Beluga suffers from memory loss as a result of Lester’s interference, but Hecker uses his hacking abilities to restore his memories, as well as skittle’s, and skittle has returned.

Hecker: Initially a hacker who threatens Beluga, he gradually transforms into Beluga’s Best Friend once Skittle vanishes as the films proceed. Beluga repeatedly seeks his assistance.

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