To watch based on Your Zodiac Sign 

Top 10 Anime

So these are the top 10 anime lists, that you can watch based on your zodiac sign. 

Jujutsu Kaisen-Aries

This anime is best suited for you as you are always in an angry mood also, you don't even try to hide them.


Attack on Titan-Taurus

This anime is best for those who can explore fighting and are full of mystery


My Hero Academia-Gemini 

For this who is sharp-witted and wants to explore a new genre of action


Sailor Moon-Cancer 

Those who are the perfect example of patience and good, and this anime is for those guys 


Neon Genesis Evangelion-Leo

This is for those who love the perfect balance of fight scenes and love stories. If you are this type, go for it. 


Food Wars-Virgo 

Another awesome show for those who like to be overly tidy and uptight Food Wars-Virgo


Spy X Family-Libra 

This is this the best for those who like to use brains and loves classic spy stories   


Death Note-Scorpio 

This is the most suitable for those who are more inclined towards and naturally drawn to Intensity 


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood-Sagittarius 

This is the perfect anime for those who are interested in a perfect balance of magic and alchemy


Mob Psycho-Capricorn 

Mob Psycho is best for those who are like to watch out of the league Capricorn


Dr. Stone-Aquarius 

Dr. Stone is for those who love Sci-fi and challenges type series 


Tokyo Ghoul -Pisces 

Tokyo Ghoul For those who like sad stories with full harsh truths and life lessons Pisces