Fun Discord Bots: Top 10 Fun Discord Bot

Fun Discord Bots: Top 10 Fun Discord Bot

Fortunately, you've seen this article. Here, we'll share a list of 10 of our favorite Discord bots

1. Karuta is a collectible card bot powered by Discord that presently features more than 90,000 anime characters.

2. Mudae Database of 80,000 waifu and husbando. Create and customize your collection bound to the Discord server

  3. Pokétwo gets the Pokémon adventure to Discord. Capture randomly-spawning pokémon in your servers.

4. Dank Memer A global money game for amassing things, getting rich, robbing, buddies, carrying virtual pets,, and more.

5. Soccer Guru Dip into a Football / Soccer Bot with Forecasts / Live Scores / FUT / FIFA cards & more. Utilize their money to create your Ultimate XI.

6. PokéMeow is a fun and addicting bot that you can play with your buddies! Capture Pokémon and display your Shinies and Legendaries.

7. Owo Maintain the way of your OwOs and contest globally! Hunt for beasts and battle different users!

8. Nekotina is a strong bot that likes to incentivize movement on your server. Request this to your server and include the finest music quality.

9. Tatsu Contain more than 100 pets, customize your home and pet daycares with better than 1000 furniture parts in Tatsugotchi.

10. Koya is a strong multi-function and configurable Discord bot. It produces many possibilities for your server

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