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Valorant Jett

By the end of this guide, you’ll have learned tips and tricks on Jett’s abilities, the best positions to use each ability, tactics to open up sites for your team, and so much more. All this information will be backed up by demonstrations to ensure you understand each tip and trick provided. 


Jett’s role on the team greatly impacts the way you want to play this agent. Jett is a duelist, meaning she’s a self-sufficient fragger with abilities that allow her to play aggressive, outmaneuver enemies, and get kills for the team. With that being said, Jett should usually be the first player to open up the site and confuse the enemies with her mobility

while the rest of the team comes in afterward to assist in eliminating the distracted enemies. Jett’s abilities also make her a fantastic Oper as well. With her abilities, she can get into multiple unique positions on the map that can surprise enemies and allow her to get easy frags and picks. Likewise, if she engages in a poor duel against multiple players, her abilities also allow her to quickly disengage and get out of the fight. One unique aspect of Jett is that she can float in the air for an extended period. To do this, all you have to do is jump and hold space to accomplish. This can be very useful for getting onto ledges that you may have trouble getting onto or surprising enemies by staying in the air longer than they’d expect. Do note that your weapons will not be accurate when you’re in the air, besides when using Jett’s ultimate or a shotgun. One simple way you can use Jett’s float is to get into positions from higher ground.


For example, you can get onto multiple surprise positions on the A site of Haven by using this mechanic. Start at Heaven and then jump down to float over to the middle containers. You can also float over to the boxes further down next to A long or to the boxes next to A short which are other surprise positions that can catch enemies off guard, allowing you to get easy eliminations and better hold a site. Be careful when using this floating mechanic in the middle of a round where enemies could potentially be close to you though. It does make noise that can give away your location and thus eliminates the surprise factor. This mechanic can also be used in combination with Jett’s abilities.


#1 Jett’s Ability, Updraft 

Jett's Ability, Updraft

This ability allows you to fly up in the air and get into surprise positions against enemies. For example on Haven, there are multiple containers

that Jett can boost onto using Updraft. There is a container in the middle of the B site that can make for a good angle to peek at the window or grass. Unless there are a large number of enemies peeking at you, you should be able to get a quick elimination before they can react or flick onto your character model. This additional positioning is especially

powerful as it makes the enemies second guess whether they want to peek out of the middle again. Perhaps they will pre-aim towards the boost position next round, in which you can then switch things up and play on level ground, which will again catch the enemy off guard To take it an extra step further, you can also double peek with your teammate which

will catch the enemies off guard. To accomplish this, you as Jett want to boost up onto the containers and peek at the window. From there, you should have another teammate over on the right side of the B also peeking window. With this setup, regardless of where the attackers decide to aim at, they’ll be met with an additional support player that

they won’t be ready for, which will make for an easy kill or trade if someone does get wiped out. Another boost you can do with updraft is in

the containers onto C. This gives another off-angle that players pushing through C long won’t be expecting, which you can again get a nice pick onto an enemy. There are multiple boost positions you can do with Updraft besides the ones we just showed, so make sure to take advantage of them, as they can make for easy picks and give your

team an easier chance of winning a round on defense or winning a round on attack with powerful post-plant positioning. One thing to be wary of when picking a position to boost onto is to make sure you aren’t exposed to potential enemies from multiple locations as this can put you in a sticky situation. Besides boosting, updraft does have other uses when combined with Jett’s other abilities which we’ll go over in those respective sections.

Also note that you have 2 updrafts available to you, which you can also use to check over walls on the map to spot out potential enemies earlier, allowing ample time for your team to react. 


#2 Jett’s Ability Tailwind

Jett's Ability Tailwind

This is Jett’s signature ability, where she can instantly dash across an area. What most new players don’t know about Tailwind though is that you can adjust the direction from which you want to dash from. Normally you can hit W and place your crosshair in the direction you want to dash from in front of you, but there will be times where you may want to go another direction, and this ability has that covered. if you hit the other movement keys, just as left, right, or back, and then use tailwind, you’ll be able to dash in those directions instead rather than forward. You can also combine direction keys to go off at an angle. 


Tailwind can be a great ability to use to outmaneuver enemies and catch them from multiple angles. Do note though that after using Tailwind, there is a bit of delay before you can shoot your weapon, in which enemies can easily pick you off. So when using this ability, make sure you dash through an area where enemies aren’t at or dash onto a position where it’ll be difficult for enemies to adjust their crosshair to get to you. Taking it another step further, with good coordination, your teammates can push onto a site as well while you dash onto the other half of the map. If the timing is right, the enemies will end up focused on where you dashed over and will try to adjust their aim towards you. This is great, as the other 4 members of your team can then focus on those enemies that ended up distracted by your movement and will have easy kills handed to them. You can also use tailwind as an escape route when you’re in an exposed position. 


For example, when playing on the C site, you could play a position such as back containers. If the enemies find out your playing there though, they may throw abilities at you, such as a Brimstone or Sova ultimate as well as a Molotov. This would normally force a player to run away and expose themselves to C long where they can get easily killed. Instead with Jett

though, you can just use Tailwind to dash out of that situation and keep yourself safe. Likewise, Jett’s tailwind can be combined with an updraft to catch enemies off guard with her mobility. There are 2 ways you could do this, 

  • you can use updraft to rise up in the air and then dash forward with the tailwind.

The other way is the reverse of this sequence, 

  • you use tailwind first and then immediately use updraft. 

The latter is more commonly used, as it creates more of a sweeping motion that can catch players off guard. This particularly works well with shotguns, as you can use tailwind to close up the gap between you and the enemy and then follow it up updraft to get up in the air and use the close-range accuracy of the shotgun to get a frag. Now that you can see how effectively this combo can be with shotguns, I will note that you want to be cautious using this combination with other weapons such as an Operator or rifle. These weapons won’t be nearly as accurate while you are in the air and as a result, you may have a tough time killing enemies this way and could potentially end up being a free frag for the enemy instead. Lastly, one of the unique aspects of Tailwind is that it can break Cypher’s traps. This is another main reason you want to be one

of the first players in when playing Jett. If you’re entering a site that’s been protected with trapwires, Jett can simply dash through and break them, thus allowing the rest of your team to safely push onto the site without worry of getting trapped and having their position exposed to being wall banged. 


#3 Jett’s Ability Cloudburst

Jett's Ability Cloudburst

This is a smoke that will pop up instantly once it has hit an object. What makes Cloudburst so powerful is the speed at which it blooms, allowing you to quickly react to enemy plays and cover off choke points during a push. The simple way to use this ability is to place your crosshair onto the area you want to smoke and you’ll usually be able to get them down where you wanted it. However, there is some gravity involved as you try to throw the ability further or higher so do make note of this when trying to properly position Cloudbursts where you want them to Luckily though, there is another unique aspect of Cloudburst that allows you easily get those positions that would normally be harder to achieve. 


Once Cloudburst has been used, you can hold the ability key to maneuver cloudburst in the air. This allows you to get those tricky choke points that a normal ability press would have a tough time doing. Being able to move Cloudburst also allows you to safely smoke off choke points without exposing yourself to enemy sights. 


For example, instead of peeking out C long on Haven to spot out enemies and then re-peek to smoke them off, you can throw a smoke onto C long from the back of the container by shooting your cloudburst in the air and then quickly lowering your mouse at the right time to block off the choke point, and you’ve now achieved this without risking your life with another

peek in which the enemies already had identified your position. This is the easiest way to utilize the directional maneuverability of Jett’s cloudburst. Get your crosshair in the direction of the chokepoint you want to cover, then aim up and flick down once the smoke reaches its destination. You can also throw the smokes at an angle to the left and right, however, these are much trickier and require a significant amount of mouse movement and precision to get the spot you want. With that being said, the most common way you’ll use cloudburst is to cover off chokepoints

to stop enemy pushes. However, you can also use them to confuse enemies and give yourself time to reposition to a new unsuspecting location


For example, if I had just planted on the A site on Haven, but the enemies have already rotated over to spawn, my position has been exposed and I could be an easy kill for the enemy. To add complexity to the situation

though, I can throw a smoke down to cover off enemy vision, giving me more options to re-position elsewhere to catch the enemy off guard. Now the enemy has to guess where I ended up moving over to after throwing the smoke. I could push next to the smoke, or I could end up safely making my way over to A short or back of A short and the enemy will

now have to spend additional time trying to figure out where I went off to.


Keep these aspects in mind when using Jett’s cloudbursts. you want to use them to block off choke points but also to obscure enemy vision and allow yourself the ability to change up your position to add a surprise factor to your engagements. These smoke also only last a brief moment of 7 seconds so you want to act fast after using them.


#4 Jett’s Ability Blade Storm 

Jett's Ability Blade Storm

This will give Jett 5 throwing knives that are incredibly accurate. You can run while using them and still be able to hit targets if they are within your crosshair. Regardless of what movement you’re doing, blade storm will remain accurate so you want to make sure that you’re moving whenever you use this ability to give enemies a tougher time of hitting you while they have to stand still to stay accurate with their weapons. If you left-click with this ability, you’ll throw 1 dagger at a time which will either do 50 damage to the body or 150 damage to the head. This is the main way that you want to use Blade storm, as it allows you to rely more on quality over quantity during your shots and you do have some leeway to take

your time throwing each knife as the enemies will usually take longer to kill you while they try to adjust their aim to your movement. 


If you right-click with this ability, you’ll throw all 5 knives at once, which will do 50 damage each if it hits an enemy. When right-clicking though, there will be some spread within each knife, so you want to save this for close-range encounters. Close range, right-clicking will usually be enough to get the kill, but at longer ranges, the spread from throwing all the knives at once will likely lead to some damage being dealt, but not enough to get the kill If you end up getting a kill with Bladestorm, you’ll automatically get your knives to reset, and will have another 5 to deal with the next enemy. This can make for some very flashy multi-kill frags. However, if you miss all your knives, there will be a bit of a cooldown before you can take out your normal weapons and fire. 


This is especially true for right-clicking with this ultimate, if you miss that, you’ll have to deal with a very long cooldown in which enemies will easily be able to kill you before you can get a weapon out. So really make sure that you take a little extra time to aim when using Jett’s Blade Storm or you’ll end up a sitting duck To take Blade Storm to another level, you

can also use the ability combinations we mentioned earlier to outmaneuver and catch unsuspecting enemy players. 


For example, you can the tailwind updraft combo to swerve into the air and then hit enemies with your ultimate. You can also use a double updraft to get a very high boost that can give the vision of a site and then with Bladestorm’s accurate knives you can get more surprise kills. 


Playing Jett on Attacker / Defender Side

To wrap everything up, we’re going to put everything together and show how a typical round looks like on the attacker side & defender side when playing Jett, and we’re going to start on the attacker side 


On the attacker side, you want to be one of the first players onto a site. Jett’s mobility will be incredibly useful for distracting the enemy while still being able to grab frags herself. Along with that, if the team attacks a site that Cypher was holding as we mentioned earlier, Jett going first will completely mitigate the effect of Cypher’s trapwires, thus allowing the rest of the team to follow her lead and take over the site. Once you’ve taken over the site, you want to use your smokes to cover chokepoints and prevent enemy players from rotating early to try to retake it. This delay then allows the rest of the rest to reposition to another area. From there you want to hold an angle and if you didn’t use up your tailwind yet, you want to play a position that you may suspect enemies pushing and if you get overwhelmed you have a place to dash away. 


For example, holding garage on C site Haven, you can take a quick peek but if the spray starts to be off or multiple players peek at you, you can immediately dash away into cover at the C long cubby and reposition for the enemy team to push further in, in which your team can set up a crossfire for. Another option Jett could pull off is being the Operator on the attack side. Again, with Jett’s abilities, she can go in for peeks against

different angles and if she happens to miss the shot, she can dash away to safety. This safety net allows her to take more risks than other agents can’t and this option allows Jett to get picks onto enemies that aren’t suspecting it.


Tailwind can also be used to confuse enemies as well on where they need to place their crosshairs. For example, a simple use to attack A long is to dash across the doorway, and then you and your team peeks at the A long-player at the same time to overwhelm whoever holding that site. On the defender side, Jett’s aggressive capabilities allow her to go for initial peeks against attackers to get an early pick and then tailwind to safety as necessary. Like we mentioned earlier, playing unorthodox positions is going to allow Jett to shine on the defender side to catch enemies off guard and force attackers onto a 4vs5 situation. 


For example, Jett can push into C long to get information and if enemies are there, she can get a quick pick and then smoke herself off to run back to the site safely. If this still seems dangerous, you can also smoke and dash away to get to the site even faster, allowing you to get a free kill. I wouldn’t do this every single round though as it can be predictable, but it is a move that Jett is more capable of doing than some of the other agents. Whether or not you decide to go for this initial pick, you will usually want to play out the rest of the defender round as with any agent, where you’re playing back on the site waiting for defenders to push and once you hear them, you can smoke the choke point they’re trying to enter to delay and allow your teammates to rotate.


And if possible, continue using those unorthodox positions to catch attackers off guard. Like mentioned earlier, the Operator is going to be even more powerful in Jett’s hands-on defender side with the combination of these position changes as well as her abilities. Play a surprise position and then if necessary, you can smoke off a choke point or dash away to prevent yourself from being traded or overrun Make sure that if you do use the Operator with Jett that you do change up the positions from time to time to keep enemies guessing and continue to surprise them over and over with sniper picks.


If you don’t have an Operator at hand, you can still apply these concepts of positioning and the ability use to be in and out of an area after grabbing picks and then defending a site like normally with her smokes afterward. As a reminder, Jett’s smokes don’t last a very long time, so it’s important that you save them and use them only when you do hear enemy positions nearby and they have the potential to push you. Combined, you will only be able to block a choke point for 21 seconds, so you want to use up that time wisely.

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