Regina Ginera Age, Real Name, Family, Net Worth, Biography

Regina Ginera Age, Real Name, Family, Net Worth, Biography

Regina Ginera Age, Real Name, Family, Net Worth, Biography


Regina Ginera is a famous YouTuber is known for her vlogs and collaboration videos with famous YouTuber Vy Qwaint, Chad Wild Clay, Daniel Gizmo, and Melvin PZ9 the best fighter. She gained fame through her YouTube channel with more than 2.22 million subscribers. In 2017 she used to work for BuzzFeed. Her real name is Regina Pena, and she was born on 19 November 1998. She is 24 years old (as of 2022). She is a member of the Spy Ninjas, whose mission is to bring down Project Zorgo when they learned of the organization’s plot to destroy YouTube to support social media.

Regina, also known as Domino’s Girl, Inspector, Skittles Girl, and PZ4, is a fictional character. Her carelessness and ability to hack better than her friend and close colleague Daniel Gizmo have earned her a reputation (formerly PZ1).
She’s also challenged Chad, Vy, and Daniel, the Spy Ninjas, to let the Spy Ninjas get the Safe House and reveal her identity. The Spy Ninjas also discovered that PZ9 could be Regina’s brother and that she was conversing with her “mother,” who turned out to be a PZ Member all along.

She is a foodie who is infatuated with Chicken Nuggets. Before joining PZ, she worked at Buzzfeed and graduated from high school in 2017. She also had friends. PZ1 aka Daniel, who was in charge of recruiting people into PZ by wiping their memories, erased her memory when she joined PZ.

She started her YouTube channel on 21 February 2019 and uploaded the first video on 28 February 2019. The most viewed video on her YouTube channel titled “Regina vs Chad Wild Clay battle royale escape project Zorgo trap in 24 hours with funny DIY hacks” that video got more than 8.8 million views.

Regina Ginera Biography, Wiki

Real NameRegina Pena
Age24 as of 2022
Birthday19 November 1998
Famous forVlogs and collaboration videos
Net WorthN/A

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