Who is LizAlex Fam TikTok, Age, Family, Birthday, Wiki, Biography 

LizAlex Fam

LizAlex Fam is a popular TikTok personality is known for his short comedy videos. They have a TikTok account with more than 24 million likes and more than 2.6 million followers. They lives in Russia, and They have a YouTube channel with more than 717k subscribers and more than 807 million total views. 

This YouTube channel started in May 2021, and the first video was uploaded in May 2021. The most popular video on this YouTube channel is titled “Cat or iPhone” that video got more than 117 million views. They are couples, and the names are Liza and Alex. They maintain the YouTube channel and TikTok account they create comedy short video content and upload it on the YouTube channel and TikTok account. Unfortunately, there are no more personal details. They have not revealed their personal information.

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