Liza Koshy Age, Family, Nationality, Net Worth, Biography

Liza Koshy Age, Family, Nationality, Net Worth, Biography

Liza Koshy Age, Family, Nationality, Net Worth, Movies, Biography

Liza Koshy Age, Family, Nationality, Net Worth, Biography


Liza Koshy is a former Vine celebrity and YouTube personality from the United States. Liza is one of the most well-known social media personalities, as well as the owner of several of the quickest YouTube channels of all time, with nearly 6 million subscribers in 2016 and over 6 million in 2017, and at times, greater subscribers than every YouTube channel. As of July 2019, she had over 17 million subscribers, making her channel the 58th highest subscribed YouTube channel in the United States.

Her real name is Elizabeth Shaila Koshi and She was born on 31 March 1996 in Houston, Texas. She is 26 years old (as of 2022). Currently, she is lives in Los Angeles, California, United States. She was been dated popular YouTuber and Viner David Dobrik before he announced their breakup in a video on 4 June 2018, explaining that they had broken up 6 months before the video and that he wanted to officially declare it as a final goodbye. Lisa did this because she wanted to settle down with herself before moving on to someone else. She took a long hiatus from YouTube shortly after that.

YouTube Channel

Liza started making Vines under the moniker ‘Lizzza’ in 2013. She immediately rose to prominence on the app, being one of the most popular users. She migrated to YouTube in July 2015 and began making sketches, outbursts, and vlogs, often with her boyfriend David. ‘Adventures with Lizzza,’ one of her most popular video series, features her going to various locations and usually causing havoc. ‘Driving With Lizzza,’ ‘Target With Lizzza,’ ‘Recess With Lizzza,’ ‘Ikea with Lizzza,’ but also ‘Dollar Store With Lizzza Part 1 and 2’ are among her most popular videos to date, with Part 2 being her most popular.

Liza has already been recognized for her fast-paced, all-over-the-place, over-the-top, eccentric, optimistic, witty, and amusing attitude since she first appeared on YouTube. She’s also recognized for playing a dimwitted character on occasion. Some refer to her as the “Queen Of Puns” because of her frequent use of pun jokes in her videos, and she is one of YouTube’s more well pun comedians, alongside nigahiga. She’s also a talented cook who has created several cooking videos.

Has since, Liza has partnered with several well-known social media personalities, including Lilly Singh, The Gabbie Show, Barack Obama, and, of course, Liza’s ex-boyfriend David Dobrik.

Name: Elizabeth Shaila Koshy
Elizabeth Finkelstein Koshy
Date of birth: 31 March 1996
Birthplace: Houston, Texas
Age: 26 (as of 2022)

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