Lionfield Age, TikTok, Friends, Net Worth, Wiki, Biography

Who is Lionfield Age, TikTok, Friends, Net Worth, Wiki, Biography


Lionfield is a popular YouTube channel run by two friends, names are Matteo and Emiliano Santoro. They are known for their Italian food reaction videos. Matteo was born in 1992, and Emiliano Santoro was born in 1992. This date’s birthday is not confirmed. 

They have a YouTube channel with more than 800k subscribers and more than 834 million total views, and he started his YouTube channel in March 2020, and the first video was uploaded on this YouTube channel in March 2020. The most popular video on this YouTube channel is titled “Italian reacting to food crime” that video got more than 52 million views. They live in Rome, Italy. Unfortunately, there are no more personal details about him, and we will update you soon.

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