League of Legends Yone Guide Abilities, Runes, Items

League of Legends Yone

Yone Abilities Guide

Yone is a more consistent iteration of his brother Yasuo as Yone does not rely on special synergies with his teammates and also doesn’t have a spell that only works against a specific type of champions. Consequentially Yone’s matchup spread is far less volatile and is a much more reliable champion if you are looking to one trick him solomaining an ad champion such as Yone is typically quite risky because you will end up with a full ad-team composition now and then which allows the enemy to heart counter you by armor stacking.


Yone is passive however while looking trivial at first glance allows you to circumvent that problem since almost half of all your damage will be magic damage. This makes enemy armor stacking far less effective and also means you only need to buy the last whisper item in very niche scenarios nonetheless, Yone’s still feels kind of similar to Yasuo since his passive also grants you 100 critical strike chance off of only two full crit items additionally two of your basic abilities namely, your Q and your W get their cooldowns reduced by your bonus attack speed instead of ability haste. 


Therefore your runes and item choices will strongly resemble those of Yasuo players as well you max Q first E second, and W last while putting a point into your ultimate whenever possible your Q is a highly flexible spell that grants you Waveclear mobility dual-link power, and hard crowd control all in one. Not only can you use the dash to gap close and initiate a fight for your team but you can also utilize it to jump over surprisingly thick pieces of terrain this creates both additional engage opportunities and various escape paths for you making the spell a true swiss army knife in lane Yone is quite vulnerable but your enemy needs to respect the pressure coming from your queue being fully stacked.


Therefore if you hold onto your stacked queue for as long as possible and just farm minions with auto attacks in the meantime you can force the enemy to back off and farm a couple of minions for free your W damage scales off your target’s maximum health and the shield you get from it does not scale with ability rank but instead with your champion level due to that this ability functions perfectly fine at just a single skill point which allows you to invest more points in Yones outplay tools this spell is very simple though so just keep in mind to use it in between your other attacks for maximum efficiency. 


Yone’s E spell, however, is highly skill-intensive when you cast this mindlessly you will get yourself into very awkward situations but if you know exactly when and how to press E you can make enormous outplays the most important thing you need to keep in mind is that this spell is always an engaged tool first and then disengage tool second, this means you can freely cast it to jump into the enemy ranks when you are well protected as the recast will always bring you back to your original safe spot when something goes wrong. 


Since the recast is not optional however using e to escape from enemy threats reactively never works this spell is not your panic button and must instead be used very deliberately keep in mind that the initial part of your E is coded as a dash which means you can use it to engage from behind terrain and catch your enemies off guard Yone’s ultimate is basically like his fully stacked Q but with more range more damage and with better cc this is the third spell that allows you to bypass terrain allowing you to engage in fights from rather unique angles due to its long-range your ultimate is also a hard commitment on your part as it teleports you right into the enemy team.


Therefore you optimally use this spell after your e both for extra damage and for extra safety Yone’s lane phase is even more vulnerable than Yasuo’s because Yone does not passively get a shield to protect him

from enemy poke damage

Yone Runes Guide

Therefore your default rune page is not conqueror but feeds footwork

triumph legendary and cuda grass with the taste of blood and dravidas hunter’s secondary. Your shards are attack speed adaptive force and either armor or magic resist depending on the lane matchup the early game boost you get from taking fleet footwork generally outweighs the extra late-game damage you might get from conqueror. Due to your strong engaged tools crowd control and damage your late game is one of your strongest points anyway. 


Getting there in the first place and not hard losing lane should therefore be your priority in easier matchups though where you don’t need to deal with a lot of poke damage or higher enemy kill pressure you can still press the like button and take conqueror instead of triumph is always useful on melee champions as you will get focused a lot when you are generally the first one to jump into any given fight alacrity is needed to lower your Q and your W cooldown taste of blood allows you to better deal with poke damage in the lane and rather hunter makes you more durable in late-game team fights. 


Yone Items Guide

You rush berserker’s greaves immortal shield bow and infinity edge every single game this build minimizes your Q and W cooldowns while at the same time maximizing the value you get from your passive crit conversion and protecting you from enemy burst damage. Getting more damage from your items is highly important as you want to get the proper payoff from landing all your skill shots. 


However secondary survivability stats are equally as important because if the enemies manage to kill you before you can cast all your spells Yone would be rather useless therefore many of the items you purchase after your core build also come with some defensive properties to help you navigate drawn out fights in which you are the center of attention

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