How to play Among Us on Mac step by step Guide

How to play Among Us on Mac step by step Guide

Unfortunately, Among Us is not officially realized in some mac devices. But you can download among us onto your mac and this will work no matter what kind of mac computer you have so whether you have the new M1 MacBook mac mini or you have an older model intel MacBook or an iMac whatever mac you have this will work for you. 


So first if you have the new m1 MacBook air MacBook Pro or the Mac mini then all you have to do is search among us on the mac app store download it and then you can play it it’s as easy as that 


Now if you have any other kind of Mac whether that is an older intel MacBook or an iMac then it does take a few more steps to get among us because you actually won’t be able to find among us on the app store so instead, I’m going to show you how you can download an android emulator which you can also think of as a virtual android device that is installed on your mac so essentially you will be playing among us through this virtual android device that is on your Mac computer and

nowhere are the three super-simple steps to getting among us onto your mac 


So the first step is to install the android emulator bluestacks which you can also think of as the virtual android device, you can download bluestacks by going to the website and also notice that there is a special version for mac os mixer so if you’re currently on BigSur then be sure to click this button instead

How to play Among Us on Mac step by step Guide

So while installing bluestacks you might be shown some security and permissions prompts you can just follow what the prompts tell you to do which probably requires making a few changes in your security and privacy settings and then you should be able to download bluestacks

just fine. After you’ve installed bluestacks the first time that it tries to load up it will take a while but don’t worry after the first time, it loads up

much faster, and after it loads up 


The second step is to log into a google account which you will be prompted to do so and this is because later on, you will go into the google play store to download among us and you do need to be logged into a Google account to download something from the google play store okay and after you’ve logged in  


The last step is of course the download among us all you have to do is open up the google play store Search for among us and then click download after it finishes downloading among us will show up in your virtual device so actually among us is not directly installed onto your mac

but instead, it is installed in this virtual android device that is on your

Mac every time you want to play among us, you have to first open Bluestacks and then you can open among us and that’s it

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