How to get a Free Rename card in BGMI (BattleGrounds Mobile India)

Rename cards are one of the most popular items in BattleGrounds Mobile India. If you are a hardcore gamer who usually leaving from one clan to another or one who loves to change different names after every tournament, then you would need more than one rename card.

Rename cards are normally purchased using UCs (unknown cash) that you can get after spending some dollars in the BattleGrounds Mobile India in-game shop. Another way of getting rename cards is by completing missions and participating in Crew Challenges. Let’s check how to get one or more Rename cards. 

1: Completing missions

Free Rename card in PUBG Mobile

The easiest way of getting a Rename Card in BattleGrounds Mobile India is completing the missions from Level 1 to Level 10. On successful completion of the said missions, you get a Rename Card. to test if you’ve got get not, simply follow the subsequent steps:

• move to the ‘inventory’ option on your homepage screen of BattleGrounds Mobile India.

• Scroll all the way down to the tip of the coupon sections and you may spot ‘Rename Card’.

• Click on ‘Use it’ and alter your in-game name.

You are already above Level 10 and you are still looking for Rename Cards, then start participation within the Crew Challenges

2: Playing Crew Challenges

You can get unlimited Rename Cards in BattleGrounds Mobile India by playing Crew Challenges daily. For the identical, try killing as many enemies as you’ll and check out to survive till the last zone. Revive your teammates and take health as again and again as you’ll. attempt to get over 300 Crew Points in each match.

How to get Rename Card using Crew Points?

• Attend the ‘Crew’ option on your in-game main screen.

• Click on the ‘Shop’ option.

• You’d see a choice to get Rename card by spending 200 Crew Points.

• If you have got that a lot of Crew Points, simply click on ‘Rename Card’ and find one at no cost

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