CSGO to Valorant sens – How to Convert CSGO Sensitivity to Valorant

The ideal way for you to convert your CSGO sensitivity through Valorant before this most of the people who are playing Valorant have been dividing their CSGO sensitivities by 3.18181 (three-point one eight one eight one eight one) and then they think that it gives them the right sensitivity however this doesn’t give you the correct aim. 

Why because there’s a difference in the field of view of the games of 3.26 degrees, 16:9 users in CSGO going to Valorant and playing in 16:9 native need to divide 3.3735 if you use 4:3 stretched in CSGO and you’re moving to 16:9 in Valorant you should try dividing your CSGO sensitivity by 2.5316 

The easiest way to convert to Valorant Sensitivity

CS: GO/Apex to Valorant: Divide by 3.18 ( not accurate)

Overwatch to Valorant: Divide by 10.6

Rainbow Six Siege to Valorant: Divide by 12.2

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