Best Top 5 Upgradable Gun Skin In PUBG Mobile

Today in this article we discuss the Top 5 Upgradable Gun Skin in PUBG Mobile. So let’s find the top 5 gun skins and how many materials are needed for upgrades and the best attachments for the guns and some pro tips. 

#1 Glacier M416

Glacier M416

The all-time favorite of PUBG Mobile player’s upgradable skin is Glacier M416. Now this time every PUBG Mobile player is opening the crate for the gun skin. The Skin is available in the Classic crates. You can upgrade the skin up to level 7 in the Workshop area in the game. And the skin has many more elements like the Kill message and special enemy death create. These all things are can be unlocked by upgrading the gun skin. 

This upgradable skin has one of the best features, called the On Hit effect. When you shoot an enemy, the effect of a glowing spark creates on the enemy’s body. Only a few upgradeable skins have the On-Hit effect. If you want to fully upgrade this skin u need a total of 27 Materials. If you need the kill message upgrade to Level 4 or you want the On-Hit effect upgrade to level 5. 

#2 Blood and Bones M16A4

Blood and Bones M16A4

Another best upgradable skin is Blood and Bones M16A4. When the skin upgraded to Full max the gun obtain bones over its body. The blood and bone M16A4 Skin has a nice kill feed message animation. Also, this skin has the On-Hit effect. Only two gun skins effect. In upcoming updates of PUBG Mobile, there is a chance to come back to this skin. 

#3 The Fool M416

The Fool M416

In the PUBG Mobile, only one gun has the character obtained weapon skin called The Fool M416. This skin is one of the best skins of M416. 

This skin has two main features, the one is the enemy death crate comes with great Animation of the joker face coming in the death crates. And the second thing is when the skin upgrade to level 6 also known as Fool’s surprise, A tongue is coming out of the skin. 

The fool’s M416 skin is the only Mythic skin in the PUBG Mobile. And the skin is not available at all times. This skin comes with events, only two times the skin comes in PUBG Mobile. 

#4 Concerto of Love M762

Concerto of Love M762

This upgradable skin is related to The 3rd Anniversary of PUBG Mobile. The gun skin has an awesome kill effect and Kill message. The skin has a total of 7 levels of upgrades. You want Kill effect upgrade to level 2, need 2 materials and you want to Kill message upgrade to level 4 need 4 Materials. 

The kill message of this skin is one of the best. It’s like a rainbow flare and sparks. And it’s killing effect like 3rd anniversary 3 number is hitting in the enemy’s body. 

#5 Godzilla AWM

Godzilla AWM

Godzilla AWM is one of the best upgradable skin in PUBG Mobile. This skin is introduced in the event Godzilla × PUBG Mobile. This skin color is lightning Blue. This is a Godzilla-themed AWM skin. A total 7 Level upgrade is available for this gun. Also, this skin has a Kill message and Kill Effect, but does not has an On-Hit effect for this skin. 

You want the Kill effect upgrade to level 2, or you need a kill message upgrade to Level 4. This skin is one of the best in AWM.

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