Apex Legends New Character Seer Abilities and Tips

New Character Seer
In this article, we discuss The Seer’s new character in Apex Legends abilities and much more. 
Finally, season 10 arrives on August 3 2021 in Apex Legends. The main thing is a new character is introduced in this season. The new character’s name is “Seer”, When it comes to winning games in the arena seer was a natural. Decently there is no doubt The seer creates a large impact in Apex Legends tier list. 
The seer has extremely powerful abilities. Already there are a few characters with powerful abilities in Apex Legends, like a bloodhound, crypto. And seer can create entirely different abilities combines with them. 

Apex Legends Seer Abilities:

Passive ability

Mainly Seer’s abilities are dedicated to locating any nearby enemies. If you love the third partying seer helps how much health opposing squads have. And Seer’s have a passive ability called “Heart Seeker”. You can hear and visualize enemies’ heartbeats within 75m while aiming down the sights. 
But it doesn’t track enemies it gives a warning to enemies in the area and shows a static orange pin. 

Tactical ability

And seer has a tactical ability also is called “Focus of attention”. It helps to mark enemies by dispatching his micro drones. Micro-drones give ten damage. And also micro drones interpreting any taken abilities.

Ultimate ability

Finally, the seer’s ultimate ability is “Exhibit” it creates a dome of micro-drones that can reveal the location and fire inside the area. Seers can be thrown from a distance, it helps to track opposite teams without confronting anyone

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