10 of the Coolest Minecraft Houses You Can Build

10 of the Coolest Minecraft Houses You Can Build

If you’re a huge fan of Minecraft, chances are you’ve already built yourself several great structures over the years. However, if you’re looking to build something truly epic, you might want to take some inspiration from these 10 amazing houses you can build in Minecraft. From giant homes to intricate mansions and hidden bases, there’s something for every kind of builder in this list of minecraft houses that are sure to amaze your friends as well as other players online. Don’t forget to vote up your favorites!

1) Modern Mansion

While it might not be a practical choice for everyday living, if you’re planning to play Minecraft for hours on end (and have tons of time and resources to do so), then your first order of business should be to build yourself a mansion. Want ideas? Check out these ten absolutely stunning houses that players have built. They’re functional, appealing, and they wouldn’t look out of place in an HGTV show. Just be sure to follow their rules before trying to move in!

2) Desert Tree House

If you want to build a house in your Minecraft village, why not place it amongst trees? The Desert Tree House is a fantastic example of how to do that and makes for a really cool-looking build. Just be sure to add some protection, as building in villages can make it very easy for other players to break into your home. If you’re looking for another great minecraft house with desert style, take a look at our post on 10 Great Desert Homes in Minecraft!

3) Floating Island

Floating islands in Minecraft are one of those things that you can stumble upon while exploring, but they may not be easy to make. It requires work and dedication to build these floating structures, but it’s definitely possible if you know what you’re doing.

4) Tropical Beach House

The Tropical Beach House is a great place to relax and enjoy yourself after a long day. It’s very cool, as well. If you have enough wood and bricks, you can have one in no time! One thing that you should do is take advantage of its closeness to water sources. Have all your furnaces, forges, and furnaces near an easily accessible water source to save yourself some time having to run back and forth between them all.

5) Cottage by a Lake

Cottages near lakes tend to be cozy retreats where you can spend time reading a book, gazing out over crystal clear water, or just basking in your personal paradise. These gorgeous cottages vary in style, but have one thing in common: views that are so gorgeous they will take your breath away. If you dream of having your own cottage by a lake one day, check out these examples and start planning!

6) Portal House

This building technique is so common that it has become a trope in and of itself. The idea is to build an exit portal in one room, and then you can portal yourself between other rooms using a second portal in another room. This is actually a lot harder than it sounds, but it’s super-cool if you pull it off! Here are some instructions on how to do it. And here are some pictures of cool examples.

7) Mushroom House

This is a simple and awesome house that you can build in minutes. The best part is that you’ll only need 2 diamond blocks and 2 mushroom blocks to complete it! A simple but very efficient design! To build it, all you have to do is stack four mushroom blocks on top of each other (the bottom should be in a 3×3 square). Then add two more mushroom blocks on top, directly above them.

8) Home Inside a Lava Pool

The popular game Minecraft is all about building your own world and populating it with buildings and resources. To build a home that doubles as a lava pool, you’ll need to dig out most of a mountain to make space for your new dwelling. Look at any lava pools in person before you decide on their placement; they can make quite a mess if they’re too close to your home. Try to find an area with plenty of space nearby that will allow you to expand your property in future updates.

9) Ice Castle

So it’s not exactly winter in your world right now, but you can still build an ice castle. It will take a little bit more effort and probably some extra wood to make sure your ice doesn’t melt too quickly, but building an igloo is another option if you don’t want to wait for colder weather.

10) Haunted Mansion (Evil Version!)

Now, for those more sinister of you, here’s a quick haunted mansion that’s sure to send shivers down your spine. Be careful who you bring over… they may never leave! And if that doesn’t work for you, perhaps one of these other spooky builds will do. The list is pretty much endless when it comes to minecraft builds so have fun and use your imagination!